Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, April 9, 2016

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas....

April (and even May) in SE Ohio can have any kind of weather...  sometimes several different kinds of weather in the same day.  This is what we woke up to this morning...
That hummingbird feeder looks totally out of place, doesn't  it?  Well, I used to keep records of when the hummers first appeared back in the spring.  April 12th was the earliest....  so I thought I'd get ready for them.  If they're smart they'll stay in Mexico a while longer.  

Yeah, I know...  that's where we were.  But because of income tax and Bills eye appointment (made months in advance because of our prior plans for the summer) we came back earlier than usual.  I read Facebook entries and keep in touch with our Lo de Marcos friends...  and sigh....

Anyway...  I do love all kinds of weather...  even seeing the snow today...
Looking out our side window into the lean-to type shed across from us...  there's the lawn mower...
Not going to use it today.....   even those pruners look kind of forlorn, don't they?

Looking out our back window (a Lazy Daze motorhome has wonderful windows on all sides)....
Really, not any real accumulation of snow...  just ...  well...  just snow....

And.... out the other side window...
Down over the hill is our deer block....  along with some "sweet mix" horse feed.  The mineral block has been used quite a bit in the last week, but so far I've only seen birds and squirrels partake of the grain.  

Right outside that same window....
These 2 male Cardinals were just a few feet from my camera (but I was inside)...  and I didn't have a "speed" setting on.... but their bright red color and those green vines were a real contrast to the snowy landscape.

A few more birds...
The male Goldfinch show up really well on this gloomy day, but I'm betting they have keeping warm on their minds more than finding a partner.

Underneath those feeders....
A cardinal and a couple kinds of sparrows....

What do I do on days like this?  Well...  we went to the Farmer's Market this morning...  not as many vendors but still quite a few.  I bought a big roaster chicken...  came home and boiled it until the meat fell off the bone...  removed the skin and bones....  added onions, garlic, peppers, squash, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes (heck, I cleaned out the veggie drawers in the fridge)....  added some herbs and spices...  let it simmer...  and warm up the rig...  all day.   So this evening we had chicken soup (stew?) for dinner.  

Of course...  remember this is SE Ohio....  it may be snowing today....  it may look a bit like Christmas...  but tomorrow who knows?  The sun may be shining....  the grass might need mowed...  the birds will be singing a song of Spring....  And Christmas is  many months away...

That's All For Today!


  1. Well, do to a change in plans, we drove all the way from Springfield, IL, to Canton, OH. We went through some very nasty snow showers. Never, never again will we come home before tax day!

    Those cardinals look so beautiful against the snow...of course, they look beautiful in the green grass also.

    Here's hoping Mother Nature gets her act together and we start seeing Spring temps!

  2. Well, that little dusting of snow is a thousand miles away from Christmas and thank God for that. When the Hummingbirds stay a little longer in MX, you coulda done the same or at least stay in TX. April does what he will, is the saying and that it sooo right.

  3. Wow, bet you wish you were still in Mexico. Soon enough, you will be going back. Warm here today, not real warm, but almost 70. Warm for us.

  4. I am feeding the humming birds as they wait for warmer weather to head up your way, so you don't have to worry about them for awhile. I have a lot of fun watching the birds at our feeders. We have multiple feeders set out along with a couple of squares of suet.

  5. SE Ohio weather sounds much like sw Ontario weather, winter one day spring the next. You chicken stoup sounds like big pot I made the other day, yummy, perfect weather for it.

  6. Uf! I couldn't do it. Hope spring arrives soon for you!

  7. Once today is over, it's all warm weather, and out to the garden.

  8. We are leaving AZ soon and I am sure not ready to see white stuff--but I bet we do before it's really spring/summer in Montana!

  9. Next year you might consider coming home later and doing your taxes electronically from Texas.
    Adjust your camera to the Sports setting if it has one. That will give you a speed setting.
    We're on the northern side of Lake Erie closer to Lake St. Clair. We don't seem to be getting the snow as bad as George and Suzie but we still have the cold temperatures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  10. I enjoy all kinds of weather too, as long as I'm only reading about the white stuff and am not in it. ;)

  11. Sad thing is, we really didn't get any snow for Christmas, which is the only time when it's welcome (in my opinion). Maybe we should move Christmas to April?

  12. Nice collection of photos! Send those Cardinals my way, would ya?

  13. Wow!! Welcome back to Ohio, right?? Hopefully things will get back to your normal Spring weather ASAP...

  14. EVerything ok? Haven't seen a new post in a bit.