Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Simply Saturday....

Like some of you others out there, life is kind of quiet right now.  I won't say dull...  up here on the Ridge there's always something happening...

It may be as subtle as a robin in the highest branch of the apple tree...
Come to think of it, there's nothing very subtle about their song...
They bring in spring even if the weather still feels like March winds and February temps!

We have an RV site here on the farm.  Bill put in a dump station before we hit the road 15 years ago.  Since then, he's had a concrete pad put in so when we make our annual trip back to Ohio we have a level place to park...  as well as one that can be swept clean of debris.  I've always had bird feeders up and still have a stash of them stored in the barn.

As soon as we get parked I drag out a feeder or two to hang.
This male Goldfinch is getting his summer plumage.  The Red-bellied woodpecker on the right looks like he just lost his sunflower seed.  
Looking out at the feeders now I see that already they need filled.  It sure doesn't take the birds long to find the feeders.

This little chickadee had just grabbed a seed and brought it up to the apple tree to eat it.  He's kinda hiding behind the newly forming leaves.

Of course the birds scatter seed from the feeder onto the ground below...
But the towhee comes along and scratches around...  having a feast of his own.
The chipping sparrows will go to either the feeders or stay on the ground...  they aren't particular.  We also still have juncos - but they'll be heading north soon.

I hung a hummingbird feeder out, but it's a wee bit early to expect any yet.

I walked on the Hockhocking Bike Path the other day...  something new has been added...
Aren't these bicycle repair stations handy!  While this is the only one I've seen so far, I understand there are several along the nearly 25 mile stretch of paved pathway.  The bike path has been expanded lately...  seems they had some money left over from that grant and so bought and installed these stations.  What a great idea!

This, being Saturday morning, the Farmer's Market was open in town.  There were quite a few vendors there selling their wares.  This market is open year-round, but now during the winter months it's held inside the nearby shopping mall.  Today was outside...  lots of goodies...  everything from beef, lamb and pork, to eggs...  some bedding plants, lots of bakery stuff, cheeses, gourmet coffee...  even handmade soap.  Lots of apples and root veggies that are from last fall.  No photos...  more of that later.

We know we'll be here all summer so just bought what we wanted for lunch today...
That's Artichoke-leek bread on the right...  a round of soft goat cheese rolled in dried herbs in the middle and a small tub of ramps pesto.  
Never heard of ramps?  Well, it grows in wet woods in the spring and is similar to garlic...  the green tops are edible as well as the bulb like root.  It's a more pungent than garlic...  but ever so tasty!
A little goes a long way.

So...  while it may be quiet up here, there's plenty to do and see.

Not one of the best of it's kind...  but...  this is...
The End

That's All For Today!


  1. I can't wait to get back to Ohio and put my bird feeders and bird bath out. I just love watching the birds and listening to their songs.

  2. Our finches are just starting to turn. Amazing the difference in a hundred odd miles.

  3. I love that you find something interesting and beautiful in every day.

  4. Looks like a wonderful day. You gonna be there all summer, n more Maine?
    Enjoy it there.

  5. All kinds of birds visit our feeders, including hummers to our humming bird feeder. Love watching them.

  6. No, I never heard of ramps. I wonder if it grows around here. A bike repair station, nice idea. You'll be there all summer, not going to Maine?

  7. All the migrants will be heading your way soon. I bet maybe there are some yellow rumps in the woods. Spring can be exciting. Didn't realize you would be there all summer.