Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, April 7, 2016

White's Mill.... Athens, Ohio

White's Mill has been around a long time...  since 1809
It's been owned and operated by the same family nearly all those years.  I think the current owner is a descendant of the original one.  When I was growing up the dam was still on the river right behind this building.  Farmer's still brought their corn in to be ground.  The area to the right held burlap bags of feed for all kinds of animals.  There were always a lot of cats around...  mousers....  keeping the rodents at bay and away from all that grain.

The dam has been torn out but the Hocking River still flows right behind.  The building to the right still holds bags of horse feed, chicken scratch or about any other kind of grain that a person would need to either feed their critter or grow a crop.

It's the low, flat building on the left that I love to visit when I return to Athens...
There are still cats around...
From the looks of her, I'd guess she's either an excellent mouser or quite lazy.  She was very friendly and loved being made over.  I'd say she gets a lot of attention as she welcomes anyone who notices her on the counter.

Greeting the kitty was just the beginning...  I started wandering through the very crowded aisles...
Those are handmade candles on the front shelves...  along with some bird feeders at the top.  Displays of seed packets are further along.  They truly have everything for the farmer or home gardener.
See that table in the middle?
A great collection of field guides...   birds, butterflies, plants...
Some "how-to" books....  and even some local artwork is available on the upper shelf.

I like this rock-art frog.  He'd make a great garden feature...  ribbit, ribbit...

Soon you'll hear the cheeping of baby peeps when you walk in the door..
These brooders will be filled with baby chicks of all kinds.    
 There'll be Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth, Buff Orpingtons...  even ducks, geese and guineas...  all kinds of breeds and species.  

To the right of the chicken brooders...
Rabbit pens...
There are lots of 4H clubs in this county and kids raise beef, hogs, chickens...  and yes, even rabbits, to show in the county fair.  Other folks raise rabbits for table meat.  The sign indicates that one rabbit will cost $16.95, so a pair will cost around $34.00.  But, remember...  that just gets you started in the rabbit business.

Everywhere you look, as you walk around the aisles you see something of interest...
Those are bee-keeping supplies on the top shelf....  and just look at all the gardening tools...  pruners, watering cans, water buckets...  on and on...

There is a huge pet supply area...  including a section to keep your pet healthy...  and odor free.  There is a horse supply area as well.

Need a bird feeder?
The hardest thing is deciding which hummingbird feeder you can't live without!
Around the corner is another display of seed feeders....  and bird baths....  and if that's not enough, you can get really fancy ones that are as much art as they are useful.

Aren't these kerosene lamps beautiful?  

There's even a section of jewelry and pottery...
Most of this area looked like it belonged in Santa Fe or Gallup...  lovely turquoise and silver jewelry and Native American artwork.

This is a store for farmers...
It's April...  buckets of seed corn and beans are for sale.  (The red corn has been treated to keep it fungus free)...  and look at those crates of onion sets!
Look close on the left...  they even sell Gazing Balls.... ornamental glass globes to give your lawn or garden some character!

This photo is for our friend Memo...
When Bill & I would take our afternoon walk in Lo de Marcos, we'd often stop for a popsickle on our way home.  By the time we got to Memo's office we were about done with the treat and would leave our popsickle sticks with Memo...  he'd use them to mark his potted plants.  
Couldn't help but think of him when I saw this display.

I don't know how long we were in the store...
It takes a long time to check out all the wind chimes....  or the straw hats....  or look at the Aladdin Lamps.....  look at the heirloom seeds....  We didn't even go outside to the nursery where the bedding plants and shrubs and trees are kept.

Finally we felt we'd seen enough...  we'll probably be back when the chicks arrive.  Nope, not to buy any, but just to hear their happy peeping and know that spring really is here.

I said my goodbye to the kitty, and so for now...  this is...
The End

That's All For Today!


  1. We love to walk around old country stores like this one. When we are in Canton, we visit Amish country quite a bit. We buy many of our wine kits at a country store there. We love the people and just seeing so many things that we have no idea what they are used for...hehe You have a great one in Athens.

  2. Love the old country stores and feed mills, especially old hardware stores, that is one wonderful store.

  3. So much more fun than a Walmart.

  4. That store even has more than our local Tractor Supply!! Our son and daughter-in-law raise show rabbits. They have more than 30 of them. They are huge.

  5. I like those kinds of stores. We call them feed stores here. They have a bit of everything you could ever need. Like the kitty!

  6. What a cool store--I bet you were wishing you were in that store when you couldn't find a hummingbird feeder in Mexico!