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Monday, September 7, 2015

Family Time...

We have a budding photographer in the family....
Evie loves to take pictures...
She's actually pretty good using her Grandma's Canon Rebel....  and for a kid who's not quite 4 years old, she's also very careful with the equipment.

We took the obligatory photo of 4 generations...
This tradition was started when my Mom was still alive and Heather (purple dress) was a baby.  
There's Evie, Heather, Donna and me.  

And...  Donna even knows how to use the timer on her camera (guess who doesn't know these things..)
Donna, Glenn, me, Bill, Heather and Evie
What a line-up!
It's photos like these that I cherish and keep forever.

I try to find things for Evie that tell about where Bill & I are at.  At Aroostook NWR  the Nature Store in the visitor center sold items about every critter living on the refuge.  I thought Evie would like the porcupine...
Here's Evie, holding her stuffed porcupine and I'm reading "A Porcupine Named Fluffy"...  a kid's book that I enjoyed as much as Evie did.

On Saturday we all went to see the Big Buddha.  I guess I never did ask the real name of the place, but it's a monastery/retreat/gardens/Buddha temple...
It's easy to see why Evie told me we were going to the Big Buddha...
You can see Heather and Evie kind of in the middle left of the center photo.  We were going to have lunch there, but the tour we took ran over and the restaurant was closed.

So we headed into Beacon, a nearby town, to a Taco place instead. 
Isn't this a great idea?  The table top was an old door..... but painted and made into a chalkboard.
Evie had a fun time with her artwork while we were waiting for our food.

Yesterday we went to a park that had a lake for swimming and fishing.  
Building sand castles....
Evie in her purple (her favorite color) tutu swimsuit.

Neither Bill nor I are swimmers, but we had a good time sitting in our beach chairs watching all the kids.

Our kids and grandkids and our siblings live in a total of 8 different states... from New York to California...  
We may see them only once or twice each year, but we sure have a great time when we're together.

That's All For Today!


  1. Gotta love visiting the family when you can. Enjoy.

  2. Love being with family--we spent the whole weekend in the company of family--lots of time with the little great granddaughter.

  3. A lovely family. Evie certainly has a lot of women to look up to.

  4. Did Evie name her porcupine Fluffy? She's at a good age for those nature books.

  5. Photography is a great hobby top pick up and the younger the better:)

  6. I love the photo of you and Evie on the couch, with the book and the lamp in the background. No doubt she will grow up loving nature and photography too.

  7. Great weekend! Love you both, grateful for time together! Have a safe trip to Athens!

  8. These pictures made me smile. And what a beautiful four generations!