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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Movin' On....

It's about 8:30 Wednesday morning....  we'll head out after lunch today.  Our reservations at the Albuquerque (NM) Balloon Festival are for arrival on September 30, so we'll have a few weeks to get there.  That gives us time to visit family along the way, as well as stop in Ohio and see if our farm is still there.  Even though we haven't lived there in nearly 15 years, we have excellent renters who use the land as we did... grow organic and eat well.  Bill put in an RV site before we began traveling so we'll have our usual spot to stay for a few days.

We've been pretty busy here at Aroostook NWR...  trying to get some projects finished before we leave.  My right wrist has been in a splint for 3 weeks (carpel tunnel)...  I can type, but don't spend much time on the computer.  The phone system at our rig has been down for at least a week...  probably longer...  but since we seldom use the phone we're not sure how long.  We have to drive a couple of miles to use the internet...  so communication here has been sketchy... at best.

So...  just a couple of photos before we leave...  both were caught by my game cameras...

Taken August 31...   White-tailed Doe and her two young fawns.
It seems kind of late in the season for those fawns to still have their spots...  but they look healthy and there aren't too many predators around, so they should get through the winter just fine.

And...  I haven't been seeing many bear lately, so was really happy to see....
Mama Bear and her Four Cubs...
It's unusual for a bear to have 4 cubs...  and even more so that she has been able to keep them all safe and alive.  Mama doesn't show up very well in this photo, but she looks pretty healthy..  not too thin; hair thick and fairly glossy...  so she's done quite well for herself and her cubs.

Of course I still have a lot of "The End" photos in my files.  Probably because critters just run away when they see me aiming a camera at them...   And though this is our last day here at Aroostook NWR this year, the end of this season's work... it's not the end...

I'll be seeing y'all soon...
In person or in blogs!

That's All For Today!


  1. We will be at the Baloonfest also. We will be with the Escapee group. Hope we can meet!

  2. A bear nose-booped your camera! How wonderful!

  3. Another assignment well done. Safe travels to you!

  4. Beautiful wildlife pictures. I sure do enjoy them. Hope you find the farm in good condition and Albuquerque is a long, long way from Maine. Have a safe trip, you hear?

  5. Love the mama and babies photos, especially the doe and fawns. They are just beautiful! Always fun to arrive at a new place, and always exciting to leave and be back on the road to the next destination. Drive safely. :)

  6. That is quite a bunch of bear cubs!! No wonder there are so many Black Bears up in that neck of the woods! Safe Travels!

  7. Good for mama bear, and I hope the doe keeps track of her fawns for a bit. I think about the one I kept track of for an entire winter and saw him lost to a coyote at the end.
    Lunch some time? Let me know.

  8. Isn't is just hard to believe that summer is basically over and you are moving on to someplace else.. no more great wildlife, Maine pics!! for awhile... safe travels for u both!!!

  9. Beautiful fawns, nice looking bear cubs and an eye to the future!