Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Unexpected Encounter...

Bill and I never did take that hike on the campground trail yesterday.  When using my new camera I could see a spot on the lens that showed up in my photos.  It seems to be internal, so I e-mailed Canon... got an immediate response.  Of course I have to send it back, and the quicker I do, the sooner I'll have it returned to me.  So a trip to the post office took priority over the hike.  The closest PO is in Abiquiu, which is nearly 10 miles from this campground.  And...  as long as we're driving that far we might as well go another 20 miles to Espanola and find a laundromat.  

Bill and I both took our Kindles....  reading sure beats watching clothes rotate in the washer.  Bill chose to sit outside in the car.  I prefer keeping an eye on the clothes.  As I'm reading, a man who was also doing his laundry sits down a chair or so away...  asks me if I'm using one of those I Pads.  I explain a bit about my Kindle...  he tells me that he has a hard time keeping up with technology (I can relate to that!).  I tell him we're RVers and it can be difficult for us...  we're just making conversation.  But then he asks about our phone service and the such.  Well...  my expert is sitting out in the car, so out I head to get Bill.

They hit it right off...  I won't even pretend to make you think I know much at all about what all goes on in our motorhome that involves amplifiers, antennae, wires, volts or any of that stuff.  (sorry, Rick Doyle... I read your blog but that doesn't mean I always get it)....  

Bill and Jack (we're on first name basis now) talk quite a while, and Bill invites Jack up to our campground to show him the kind of equipment we use.  Jack lives in Abiquiu and says he might just stop in later in the afternoon.

He does, indeed, stop in.
That's Jack and Bill at our picnic table checking out an electronics catalog that Jack brought along.  Jack's main interest is having a phone system that works...  this area is kind of remote and service isn't very good.

Bill shows him our outside antennas...
From left to right:  The tall one is for the CB radio, the little stubby one is for internet, the next one is for the AM/FM radio and the one with the knob on it is for the cell phone.  We used to have a TV antenna, but since we don't have a TV, Bill took it off to get rid of the weight.

And the back...  This is the WiFi antenna for internet.

Now...  the inside...
The cell phone amplifier

The card you hold next to the cell phone  (cell phone antenna)

And on the wall...
At the top is the WiFi antenna (receiver), All those cords and outlets in the center is the (12 volt) charging center.  There are always various things being charged.... IPads, Kindles, phones or something.   That cubby hole houses Bill's genealogy books and some of our electronic stuff was where the TV used to be.

Jack and Bill spent an hour or more talking about Jack's phone needs...  I think Bill came inside and printed out some spec sheets he got off the internet, as well as finding a customer service phone number for Wilson products.  

Bill says he wishes he knew more about all this stuff, nearly everything he's done is because he's read about it on the internet or maybe had a short conversation with someone who uses these things.  He seldom gets a chance to go to workshops or get any "real" training.  I think he does pretty darn good with it all myself.  And I think Jack was happy with his visit as well.

We told him that we'd be here until Wednesday morning if he had anymore questions...  or needed the internet to get more information.  (He doesn't use a computer.... yet).

I think today we might head out for that hike!

That's All For Today!


  1. The technology is constantly changing and is hard to keep on top of it, but like you we do our best.

  2. I sometimes miss the phone with the long cord at the house, and the newspapers on the driveway each morning, AND the mail that plopped thru the slot on the door. But I also realize none of that is compatible with our RV life. We are ok with poor reception for short periods, knowing things will probably be better in our next camp.

  3. I assume Bill told you what everything was so you could label the photos!

  4. Always difficult keeping up with changing technologies & I find most of it very confusing. Kelly is better at sorting things out & has the patience for sticking with things until she has them figured out. If it was up to me we'd still be communicating with a pencil & paper.

  5. The best sort of encounters! I need my computer geek to do most everything, but he congratulates me for trying, first.

  6. At home, I still have a couple of phones that are connected to the wall outlet.

  7. Isn't it so neat to meet new friends. Technology...bringing folks together.

  8. Wow, you are wired! So the cell signal boost works, with the antenna, to help you get reception better, where there often is none? that's a great safety measure.