Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 2 - Pictures?

The pictures today will be several months old.  I'm learning to insert pictures in my blog.  I don't know if changing the resolution will help them load faster..  So...  here goes...

Look Closely...  See the Snake eating the toad?
On An Outing
Moving Right Along
I'm King of the Woods!
Mama Said to Look Both Ways....

 These were some of the pictures I took at Aroostook NWR, near Caribou, Maine.  They are at a higher resolution and took a while to download from the original file.  I downloaded all five then moved them over to this composition.  That part of the process didn't take very long..

The next pictures are at a lower resolution...  They didn't take very long to download from the original file.

These didn't turn out at all... took forever to download...  only part of the picture is shown.  And I lost one picture entirely.  Will try again later.

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