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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 3 - Trial and Error

This is the 3rd day I've attempted to blog. Yesterday I discovered that I hadn't been receiving e-mails for a couple of days...  nor could I send any.  Since I read a lot of mysteries, I knew that there are no such things as coincidences.  (see, it does pay to read a lot).....  

Of course I didn't know what to do about it (I just read mysteries... I don't solve them)...  I asked Bill to check out Thunderbird.  He figured out that I'd changed my password... (hey, I didn't know that "blogger" and Thunderbird were both tied into g-mail and "one password fits all").  So... he managed to locate my lost e-mail for me...  but I'm not back on Thunderbird yet.

So I'm not sure where, exactly, I am on my learning curve.....

We left Alamo, TX this morning (but not before I found my "geocache de jour"... ) and headed west and on to Falcon Lake State Park.

We stopped in Rio Grande City at the H.E.B.....  last minute groceries and gasoline fill-up ($3.199 gal) and arrived at the State Park around 1pm.

Found a site that we liked and set up.  Since I've been reading a lot of other blogs in the past few weeks I thought that one of the bloggers were parked here.  Took a bit of sleuthing, but we found them...  parked just 2 spaces away from us.

Here are Donna & Dennis Cave.  Donna writes a blog several days a week.  I love her sense of humor and always  enjoy reading her blogs.  I hope we get to know them better in our short stay here at Falcon St Pk.

When we went to the Mercedes RV show the other day we bought a "stove-top" grill.  I used it the other day to grill salmon and smoked up our motorhome terribly.  Salmon tasted real good but we had to keep wiping our burning eyes...  and could barely see each other across the table because of the smoke.

This evening I fixed yellow fin tuna and a medley of veggies (doesn't THAT sound elegant!).  Maybe because the door and all the vents are open, but the smoke alarm didn't even tingle a little bit.

This is the end result...  (with a bite or two missing)

 This is the stove-top grill.  I should have included a picture of the separate components.  That bottom thing is a ring with a reservoir to put water, wine... whatever...  and the center of the lower ring is open to the flame. 

Actually, I think it will work well once I get the hang of it.  I already have plans for tomorrow's dinner.

Okay...  Day 3 of this blog is done.  I'm a slow learner but figure it will come eventually.  I really want a nice picture that heads up this thing...  maybe of our rig or a fantastic sunset or something.  We'll see.....   All for today.

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