Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, January 15, 2012

How does a person begin a blog?  I've read lots that other people have written, most are by people like me and Bill...  people who live, or want to live, in their RV and travel.  Most write about how they spend their days, but also about their problems, their passions, their dreams.

Today, January 15, 2012, happens to be our 30th anniversary.  January is a month of anniversaries for us...  I retired January 17, 1997; and on January 30, 2001, we took possession of our motorhome and began our life on the road.  Our Lazy Daze had 37 miles on the odometer that day...
Today the odometer reads 146, 646 miles.  The above picture is of the "At-A-Glance" record books that each day "remember" each day...  the mileage, where we were, and (hopefully) other pertinent information.  (Bill tells me I should scan these and put them on a CD...  another project to think about).  But I'm a good record keeper and I can't begin to name the times we've referred to these books for some piece of data.  (They are especially great if I've written down names of people we meet... makes us look like we're really sharp if we can go up to a person and call them by name after 8 or 9 years of not seeing them).

But, as an introduction...  we are Bill Wethington and Sharon Wallace.  We left Ohio in 2001 and headed for Alaska.  We rented our house for a year, intending to return.  We were lucky (or unlucky... more on that another time) to have an area to store everything we didn't think we'd need for a year. 

We had a volunteer position with the Alaska State Parks awaiting us and had a wonderful 4 months there.  Decided to volunteer with the Oregon State Parks on our way to a winter volunteer position with Bosque del Apache NWR in New Mexico.    We found that we really loved life on the road and never returned to our "life in Ohio".  Our home is still rented...  and we have a rental agent who manages our property there.

While on the road Bill does genealogy research when he has the opportunity.  In 2005 we began geocaching and I take advantage of our traveling to seek hidden "treasures".  We are both amateur birders.  We volunteer at National Wildlife Refuges during part of the year and this June plan to return to Aroostook NWR near Caribou, Maine.

We have 4 kids located in TX, OH, PA and NY...  grandchildren...  and great-grandchildren.  We visit all of them at least once a year.

At this time we are in Alamo, Texas.  Friday we met up with Chris and Juan (Living and Boondocking in Mexico) for the Mercedes RV show. We've caught up with them in the past in Veracruz, Mexico and here in the valley...  Today we visited Carolyn and Wally (Carolyn and Wally's Travels)....  both talk about their blogs... so... I guess it's time I threw our hat in the ring and got with the program.

I'm a slow learner about this stuff... but I'll give it a try.  All for today...


  1. welcome to blogville!!!..going to ride along with the two of you..a nice new shiny blog to follow is always fun!!!

  2. Welcome fellow Lazy Dazer!! Do you know Kate and Terry from Cholula Red? You sound like them. They have a 30' TB and their first trip out lasted 5 years! They also love Bosque del Apache.

    I don't see a button to follow your blog???

    1. I'm still trying to figure out how to set up the format... don't have a clue where the "follow" button is... need all the help I can get ;-)

    2. Yes, we've met Kate & Terry. We were at Sevilleta NWR (about 30 miles north of the Bosque del Apache) a couple of years ago and they were (I think) at the State park over near Mountainaire. They came over to do some birding. Bill follows the Lazy Daze forums etc... I'm lucky to find the "on" button on my laptop. How long have you been in your Lazy Daze? I'm just barely finding my way around this blog thing... don't give up on me yet.