Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Two Days On the Road

Early Thursday morning Bill & I headed out of Falcon Lake State Park.  This was our first time staying there and if the opportunity comes along, we would be happy to stay again.  Not only did we get to see lots of birds indigenous only to that area, but we met the "rare birds", Donna & Dennis Cave.

Our goal for the day was to drive to the Escapees RV Park near Hondo, Texas. We know that one day we'll have to give up our life on the road and so we check out "retirement" possibilities.  We headed over to Laredo to pick up I35...
Lots of construction...  not many places for Bill to pull over and let people pass.  I think the speed limit was 55, but...  you know how antsy people are to pass a motorhome....

As we headed into Laredo we found that we could by-pass it by taking an outer loop.
Most of the traffic on I35 consists of trucks...  trucks of all sizes (mostly huge) and transporting all manner of cargo. This is a major artery of international traffic coming in and out of the USA and Mexico.

And, of course...  Border Patrol.  For the most part it's the trucks they stop and check out.  We were only asked if we were US citizens and if anyone else was in our motorhome. Yes..  and No

It's always tempting to make a joke or say something off-the-wall...   but...  not being real excited about spending time in jail I keep my mouth shut.  Also, I'm very discreet about taking photos...  not sure what the policy is, but I know at Mexican checkpoints it's a huge no-no. 

Got off I 35 onto a State road...  then a county road...  and finally to the RV park.

We got set up and thought we'd stay a couple of days.   We didn't set up our own dish as we were told WiFi was available and free.  Bill & I both quickly set up our laptops to catch up on all the news....  nada...  nil....  zilch....  nothing....

Not exactly true...  just spurts of being on-line.  I swear, that's worse than not getting on at all!  Just when you're reading the latest...  off it goes.   After much frustration we finally just decided to pack it in...  and pack it up. Instead of staying we left early Friday morning.

 The fog was exteme....  it was so heavy that it was almost like rain on the windshield.  If you look closely you can see the headlights of a car heading towards us.  The fog didn't burn off until after 10:00 and even then there'd be patches of it along the way. 

Needless to say, I took very few pictures of the scenery...  but I can write that we by-passed San Antonio, picking up Rt 281 again near New Braunfels and continued north. 
One picture I did get was of this person standing at a busy intersection playing his guitar.  We often see homeless people with their signs.. "Will Work For Food" or something like that...  well, this guy had a different approach.  We weren't even close to being in the same part of the intersection or I'd probably dropped something in his guitar case ;-)

The terrain changed...  seriously into the Hill Country!  Our destination was to our daughter's house in Glen Rose, Texas.  We arrived around 4pm.  Celeste and Victor have an RV site on the side of their yard...  full hook-up and dump!  They'd even kept my bird feeders filled while we were in the Valley.

It's good to be on the road...  but good to be with family again.

I have heard from a few bloggers...  thanks so much for writing.  There is so much I don't know about but with your help I may get this thing up and running.  Believe me, any input is welcome.

It's time to go find a geocache...  brand new one out there that hasn't been found yet....  Talk with you later...   Sharon


  1. You've got one on me. Still haven't met the Caves even though we've been cyber friends for quite some time.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! Saw the link on Cave Dwellings. We are at Can't wait to get back to Texas....

  3. Must have been fun to meet the Caves. Her blog is a hoot and a half.

  4. You're doin' good, girlfriend..Officially a member of the blogoshpere!..Hey, I'm seriously in want of that shrimp recipe you brought us..We scarfed it down so fast I didn't take time to see if I could figure out the recipe..IT WAS SCRUMPDILLYISIOUS!!!! HEY YOU SHOULD POST IT ON YOUR BLOG...EVERYONE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT..(BLOG IDEA..ADD A RECIPE ONCE IN A WHILE, EH?)