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Friday, July 6, 2012

Getting To Know You.... Getting To Know All About You...

My New Laptop

My old laptop has given me nothing but problems for the last couple of years.  I can remember at least 3 times that it crashed and left me stranded.  When it crashed again while we were in Costa Rica, I swore that as soon as we got back to the States I was going to replace it.  I guess some people name their cars, GPS's, laptops.. kind of like naming their kids or dogs...  but I've just never had that good a relationship with any of my computers (my first being an Apple 2C... or was it an E?), but I believe I had a lot of names for the one I just disowned....  none of them very nice.

So...  here's hoping me and my new best friend have a great relationship.  As the next line of that song goes...

Getting to Like You
Getting to Hope You Like Me

Yep...  here we go on a new adventure.  Now, Ms Sparrow, I might finally feel like I can change my personal picture...  I'll probably ask Rick what the heck a Favicon is....  Hey...  I have all kinds of hopes and plans for this one, and I might actually have the nerve to do some of them!

Let's see...  what have we been doing lately?
I still have my game cameras out.  Haven't gotten much lately, except one day I got 513 pictures of some weeds blowing in the wind.  Yes... the camera picks up motion...  of any kind.  So, I asked Bill to do some weed-eating around the cameras.  

I don't suppose you noticed that we're both dressed like it's cold...  or maybe really buggy...  or both?  Also that the weeds are quite wet?  Yes to all the above....  

The no-see-ems have slacked off...  only to be replaced by the black flies...  which have kind of slacked off, too.

But now the moose flies swarm around us like that picture in Peanuts of Pigpen....  And last night we were kept awake by a few mosquitoes that had come in the rig.  At least the nights are cool enough that being covered fully by a blanket and sheet feels pretty good... not so much to keep warm but to keep the darned mosquitoes at bay.

Oh yes...  the cameras...
Mama Moose and her calf...  munching down on a salad right in front of the camera.

I haven't seen many bears lately.  Bill was giving a tour a couple days ago and came across a mama bear and her cub.  We are always thrilled when we see wildlife when we're giving a tour.  It's kind of gratifying to be able to show people that animals really do live in the wild and do not have to be in a pen to be enjoyed.

The lovely Rose-breasted Grosbeak comes to the feeder several times each day.  

And we've just lately had a new visitor...
Not the best shot, but I wanted you to see what big feet the Snowshoe Hare has.  In the winter, this guy will have a white fur coat and blend in beautifully with the snow.

Doesn't it look like there are either 2 families of Canada geese here, or else one set of parents has had 2 broods this year?  Guess I'll have to read up on their habits.

This is the same bull moose that is in my header photo.  His rack isn't very impressive yet...  and you can see from the header picture that he's probably only a couple years old.

More wildlife?
Nope!  Just Bill using the backhoe and bucket to make an entrance into a new trail.  He'd put in the culvert a week or so ago, but with so much other stuff going on he's just now covering it up.  We got a fair amount of rain recently and the entrance was pretty much just sticky mud.

It's been a LONG weekend for us...  We've been the only "staff" here since Monday afternoon.  Since I haven't been working "regular" hours I've taken the time to do things like defrost the fridge, wash the bed comforter (yes, it's cool enough to use it here), and just do some odds and ends.

Monday will be work as usual...

Okay...  this picture is for Judy...
My blogging friend, as well as a refuge volunteer, often ends her blogs with a butt shot...

Could I resist?

That's All For Today....


  1. Love your header picture. My laptop is getting old but I really don't want a new one for as long as possible. I don't want to have to learn how to use it. Good luck.

  2. Good choice on the new laptop. I've used Dell's for years and have always liked them.

    A favicon (short for favourite's icon) is a small 16 x 16 pixel shortcut icon. You will see them on your desktop whenever you create a shortcut. The 'Recycle Bin' is an example of a favicon.

  3. Did you leave him laughing? The snowshoe.

  4. We call them jack rabbits around here.

  5. Congrats on the new laptop -- live long & prosper!! ;-)
    I've never named any of my computers either...but ok, yes, sometimes bad names...

  6. hahaaa... love the bunny bottom ... great pictures! love it... and congratulations on your new laptop!

  7. Love the last pic! I've used Dell's quite a bit. I have owned about six computers in the last 3 years. Laptops aren't made to last as long as PC's, so I invested in a PC to take some of the stress off of the laptop. It helps, but I don't travel much either.

  8. Now that you have your new PC, does it mean that you will include your Geocaching count on your homepage? I keep looking for it, but nothing so far. LOL

    We have purchased Walmart gift cards in the past and used them to purchase gasoline in order to get the $.03 off per gallon. I haven's seen where they advertise this like they used to and was wondering if they still honor the discount. Since we have a diesel unit now, I will have to check and see if they sell diesel fuel also.

    Sounds like you guys are loving it up there in spite of the bugs and weather. Have fun!

  9. Ugh. When you describe the weather and the variety of flies and the mosquitos, I'm very happy to be here and not there. Thanks so much for the great photos that enable me to enjoy it without suffering!