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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ovens and Hobs

While Calvin and Hobbs is my favorite cartoon, this really is about ovens and hobs.

 Bill and I have a Lazy Daze motorhome. In 2000, when we placed our order for our rig, there was at least a 6 months waiting period from time of order until you could take delivery. We had never even done any camping, let alone ever been in a motorhome, so during the year prior to owning our rig, I read everything about RV life that I could get my hands on. 

 One book I read was by Bernice Beard... I can't remember the name... something about RVing at one's own pace on a 45 day trip to Alaska. One thing that I vividly remember is that she and her husband had bought a new Holiday Rambler and that she had no intentions of EVER using the stovetop range. When they sold that rig, the stove would be pristine. I think they used the microwave for their meals. I was appalled! 

How in the world could anyone live like that? In fact, we had been thinking of buying the smallest Lazy Daze motorhome (maybe 21'?) but decided on the middle size (26.5') because it had a dinette type table which I could use as the prep area for putting together meals. Our stove is anything but pristine. It would not pass the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on any given day. It is WELL USED! It's not horribly dirty or anything, but there was the time I shut the lid over the burners and forgot to turn off the big burner... So... there's some bubbles raised up on the surface of the lid. The thingys that are cast iron (?) to set the pots on... well, they've had so much use they are kind of grey... not really white yet.

 I cook... I love to cook! I love to eat! I love the different foods that are available in all the different places we live. We were in the Valley last winter... caught up with our friends, Chris and Juan (Living and Boondocking in Mexico)... and went to an RV show in Weslaco. You know how those shows have all these gadgets that make RV life so much better? Well, they had a stove top grill... AND... if you bought 2 of them they gave you a terrific deal on the price. Juan and I both decided we'd like one (can't pass up a good deal) ... I don't know if Juan has used his, and though I haven't used mine a lot, it really can be used as an inside grill on one's stovetop...
That's the ring in the upper right photo...  you add water to the ring...  then put the grill-like apparatus over the water (lower right)...  Then you grill whatever you want...  This can be kind of smoky, but actually works quite well.

We use our oven often...  but...  here's the thing....

I've been reading lots of other blogs since I started this one 6 months ago.  One of my favorites is "Mitchell is Moving".  Mitchell lives in Seville, Spain right now.  For over a year now, Bill & I have thought about living abroad for a few months each year.  We rented that apartment in Costa Rica earlier this year, and that worked out just fine.  Time to branch out....

I've been asking Mitchell a lot of questions about Spain...  getting around, housing, etc.  I have been looking on-line at apartments that are available in Seville.  You get the usual...  1 bedroom, bath, internet available ...  you know the spiel...  BUT...  about the kitchen it says...  it has a hob.  

What the heck is a HOB?  Well, I had to google it...  and found that it's basically a stovetop that sets on top of a counter.  In other words...  there is no oven.  Hmmmm....  I could live with that.  We're thinking of staying 1-3 months.  Who needs casseroles anyway?  Who needs to bake a cake?  With all those tapa places and those bakeries...  and all that fantastic food that's available...  maybe I don't even need the hob!

If Bernice Beard can live in her motorhome for 45 days without using the stove, I surely can live without an oven!  

But then...  one other thing...  at the end of that particular book she has a long list of all the things you should plan on taking with you should you be planning that trip to Alaska...  Among those items, she has down that you should include 2 fleet enemas as necessary items.

We lived in Alaska for 4 months and we didn't bother taking that item either.

That's All For Today!


  1. Well, that was interesting - especially the last part!! Too funny.

    I use my stove in my LD when we're traveling. But the first thing I had to do was move the dang smoke alarm. Couldn't even make toast without the smoke alarm going off. Don't know why they put it so close to the stove.

  2. Two fleet enemas?!? Oh, please...

    If I lived on my own, I'd have no use for an oven. But then, I'd have no use for a hob either. And when (if) you got tired of tapas here, I know a couple of great Italian restaurants!

  3. Wow! Back when I directed you to Mitch's blog, little did I know that it would produce such far-reaching results! If you get to Sevilla, I'll be dying to read all about your impressions and adventures.

  4. I do not have a stove top in my RV, there is a microwave/convection oven but the convection part sets off the smoke alarm so I don't use it. I use an electric rice cooker, slow cooker, mini electric frying pan or waffle iron for my meals. You can make more than rice in the rice cooker. If I decide to boondock, I have a small single burner butane stove that I can use outside.

  5. I too love to cook--our motorhome has no propane oven, just the convection/microwave one and I have really missed our oven! Fleets enemas??? Why in the world would you need two of those in Alaska??

  6. I'm with you on using the stove in an RV. We use ours a lot too as we can't BBQ outdoors all the time.

  7. I envy your love for cooking! I'm wishing I felt more adventuresome lately when it comes to food.