Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Another Day at the Refuge...

It's kind of the same old thing here...  more trail work, but today they got to the end with the bulldozer.  They (Kirk and Bill) have the skid-steerer (is that right?....  it's a chunky looking piece of equipment that can bully its way right through the woods... doesn't care what's in front of it), the bulldozer and the chain saw.  Also the Yamaha mule (I think it's really named something else...  and I don't mean Francis) and the Gator to haul out logs and debris.

The trail really is going to be nice....  for now it's a trail that you have to return on the same route, but I think eventually it will be developed into a loop.  

Speaking of loops...
This is a photo of my Garmin GPS I have in my car....
Hey...  you can even see where I stopped to take the picture!

But this is the route I drive nearly every day.  I tried to put in some arrows to show where I have my game cameras located, but couldn't figure out how to do that.  No big deal... I move the cameras around a lot anyway.  Notice that there aren't any roads on this map...  Well, I didn't say I always drive on a road....  you'd be surprised where that little Scion can go!  Actually, I do drive on a road, just that these aren't public roads any more.

A few weeks ago I added a photo to my blog of a moose...  well, the moose was checking out my game camera and the picture was of his HUGE nose.  The Good Luck Ducks commented...  said something about a Snout Shot.   I think I may be just a teensy dyslexic...  I read it as a "Snot Shot".  Got to thinking about it and decided that maybe even that was appropriate...  so....

Here's another SNOT SHOT...

This bear was checking out one of my cameras....
Not to worry...  I have the cameras in a metal shroud...  locked onto the tree with a steel cable.  

I haven't been getting many game camera photos lately...  but have seen some wildlife...
Saw Mama Moose and her calf yesterday morning - they were on the other side of the pond and my camera wanted to focus on the weeds...

And this morning I saw them again...
This one is better uncropped...
It shows the beautiful Maine spruces...  
The density of the woods.
Can't you almost smell the aroma?

Just a few hundred feet from the moose I saw this..
We've been seeing this bald eagle nearly every day.
His favorite perch is in the top of this tree, but he took off when I stopped to watch him.

We're hoping he/she will build a nest somewhere close by.  Kirk has  erected two nesting stands close to the water, but so far, neither have any takers.

This looks like a "Judy" shot to me...
Y'all probably know where the term "high tail" (as in... he'll high-tail it out of here) comes from...  but just in case you don't, if this deer were nervous about me being about, she'd raise that tail high and all you'd see is her white flag on her rump as she's running away.

We really don't work all the time...
Friday we took a couple of hours and drove over to Gaugon's (pronounced "gones") farm and market.

They have flavors of ice cream you've never heard of.

I don't know how many dips this cone can hold, but you better believe that Bill gets the maximum.
I can't remember what flavor he got...
maybe Coffee Oreo?

Anyway, if you're ever up this way, it's well worth the visit.

As I've been writing this the sky has gotten blacker and blacker.  I hear the thunder rolling ......  but don't think the rain has started yet.  I hope Bill had the opportunity to shut the ceiling vents in our motorhome....  looks like we'll soon get a downpour.

That's All For Today!


  1. You know what? Most of my "THE END" shots I get by accident. I do occasionally get a request from a human to pose for one though. :)

  2. HAhaaaa ... I like end shots! love your pictures... good lord! the header one is gorgeous!

    Ahhhh snot shots, moose and bald eagles... and coffee/oreo ice cream -- I mean, what else does one need

  3. What full days you have there in the beautiful woods of Maine! When I was younger, I aspired to doing the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota by the Canadian border. My tricky joints will no longer allow such strenuous activity. But, your daily rounds are giving me a good idea of what it would be like--and without the backpacking and sleeping on the ground!

  4. That ice cream looks good! We were all excited when we came to Colorado because there is a Dairy Queen right down the road from us. When we were in Maine last year we had to drive into Canada to find a Dairy Queen!