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Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm a Loser....

Nah, I'm not a loser in "that" sense...

In fact, I have a wonderful life.  I have a great husband, a terrific family, good friends...  I'm fortunate in that we all have good health and good lives.  

But...  I'm a loser...

I lose things...

Yesterday, when I lost my binoculars while out in the boonies I got to thinking about how often I lose stuff.  

And even more... I got to thinking about the stuff that I manage to lose.
A few weeks ago I lost an egg...

Often we each have a hard boiled egg with our lunch.  I had peeled 2 eggs and placed them on the counter.  Or at least I thought I had.  Granted, we don't have a very large kitchen counter, but it is okay.  I proceeded to fix lunch, and put it on the table.  
One egg was missing.
I looked in the sink
I looked on the table
I looked on the floor
I even looked in the fridge and counted the eggs I had left.

I thought Bill was playing a joke on me and had taken one of the eggs.  He swore he hadn't.

I was mystified!

After lunch I was cleaning up and headed outside for something.
Lo and Behold!
The egg had rolled off the counter,
down into the stairwell 
and clear up against the riser
So I couldn't see it unless I went outside and headed back in.
Boy!  Was I ever glad that mystery was solved!

Then there was the missing socks...
Not once, but twice I lost these socks.
They are purple striped - the only ones I have like that, so when I wanted to wear them and couldn't find them, I tried to think of where they could be.

Sometimes socks get stuck to other clothes in the dryer, so I started shaking jeans, shirts etc.

No Socks...

It was a couple days later that it hit me..
  Of Course!
I had worn them to bed because my feet were cold...  kicked them off during the night...
Hadn't changed the sheets yet that week...
The socks were keeping snuggly warm at the bottom of the bed. 

(We sleep in the bed over the cab of the rig and I just flip one side over the other to "make" the bed each morning...  none of this smoothing sheets and putting on a spread)...

Then I lost the socks again!
This time we were in Costa Rica and I was using that funky washing machine.  
I couldn't find my favorite purple socks.
Tried to remember if I really had brought them on this trip.
Yes... I'm sure I had...
Where were they?

Finally I took apart that spinner-like thing that sort of centrifuges water out of the clothes before you hang them to dry.
There they were!  I had neglected to put the lid on that spinner and the little rascals both got flung out and then down under that contraption.

That's where the holes came from in one of the socks.

I lose keys...
Not key rings..
Nope, I lose keys off the key ring. 
After the last episode of losing the keys to the refuge cameras, I finally tied a pink ribbon on that set of keys so if they fell off I could at least find them in the weeds.

I lost my camera once.
(Only once?  Bill can probably remember other times)
But this time we were in a very remote place up on a mesa at a refuge.  Bill was driving the truck.  Whoever rides shotgun gets the "honors" of opening and closing gates.

We had gone to a site 8 miles away through various gates...  through high desert and into the mountainous area.

We were back to gate one and I wanted to take a picture of something.
No Camera...

I had placed it on my lap and when I got out at one of the gates, it had apparently fallen out unnoticed.

Eight miles is a Loooooong way to travel..... especially since we still had all those gates to open and close as we looked for the camera.

Found it!
At the very farthest gate.
Now it has a red lanyard on it... and the lanyard hangs around my neck...  and the camera can fit in my shirt pocket.

It's kind of funny in a way....
I mean, HOW can you lose something in a 26.5' motorhome?
I really make an effort to put everything back in its place...
Today I couldn't find the battery charger for the camera.  I have a big bag that holds ALL my camera gear.
I found the charger just inches from my right shoulder...  on the back of the bench seat where I use the computer.
Oh yeah...  it was supposed to be in the bag.

I'm lucky though...
I almost always find what I'm looking for..
I even found my binoculars...  they had bounced off the seat of the Gator and had landed in a bunch of tall weeds. 

So far, as far as I know, I haven't lost my mind, my nerve or my love of life.......
That HAS to count for something!

All that aside, I want to say that today is a VERY SPECIAL day!

My son is 50 years old today!
He was such a beautiful baby!

And now he's a beautiful person who I'm proud of and so glad he's my son.

Happy Birthday, Danny!
Love Ya, Mom

That's All For Today!


  1. I guess if you haven't lost your mind, you're ahead of the game. :)

  2. Socks seem to always get lost in the dryer!! They come out of the washer - but there's always one sock missing when the dryer kicks off. We're trying to down size, so the less we have, the less I'll loose! Guess you've REALLY had to down size to be living in an RV!!

  3. I am always amazed that I can lose things in such a small space. But I manage it. And sometime I don't find what I'm looking for. So you're way ahead of me on that one.

  4. Happy Birthday Danny! My oldest son's BD was yesterday and he turned 43.

    You haven't lost the three most important things so that's good.

  5. Wow, I love that line, "He was a beautiful baby and now he's a beautiful person!" I have been going nuts recently trying to find some CD's that I like to take in the car. They are nowhere to be found. Worst of all is I'm not sure how many are missing. I hope I have your luck in tracking them down!

  6. I usually give my orphan socks a year on the floor in the orphan sock pile before I throw them away. I have one with kiwis on it that I've saved for at least five years. You know very well what's going to happen if I ever do throw it out.

  7. I think I will just echo Judy's comment!

  8. Hm, seems to be a common ailment. Well, at least one I have.
    There have been a few times when fellow travellers have sat in the car waiting while I rummaged around looking for something I just had in my hand two seconds ago. Sunglasses. Wallet. I'm sure I could make a list.
    Sad really. I've been trying to keep it a little more together in the last few years. Keys get clipped to my belt, along with a lanyard with my camera. Cell phone and other small items go in the "Man Bag". Although kind of goofy, the "Man Bag" has helped a lot. Passport and other stuff stay in there all the time.
    Just don't lose your temper, and whatever you do, don't lose your mind.

  9. That's some history you have. And, happy birthday to your son. Fifty is a great age.

  10. HAHAHaaaaaa... I'm glad it's not only me that LOSES stuff... I travel in my Honda Odyssey and lose stuff! it just can't be done! I drive myself crazy... it can't be any where but some where close! amazing where I find stuff...

    As regards not losing one's mind? I have to have mine on a short tether ... it goes and comes amazingly at odd times...

    Oh, and happy birthday to your baby boy... ;)

    Getting caught up on blogs .... what fun to read this... HAhaaaa

  11. Happy Birthday to your "little" Danny!

    And, seriously. How do SO MANY things get lost in such a small space? I don't usually lose things outside the Duck, but what's the diff if I can never find them again? Annie misplaces things and gets panicky, so that she can't see them where they are, in their usual spot.

  12. At least you are honestly just losing things, not forgetting things like me!

    Happy Birthday Danny!

  13. Hi Sharon, My name is also Janice and my email address is I look forward to hearing from you!

  14. First, happy birthday, Danny! I love hearing a parent describe their child as a beautiful person! I'm sure he is.

    You must look very colorful and decorative when you're out and about: pink ribbons, red lanyards...

    I never lose anything. I just put things in safe places. It doesn't matter that they're never to be seen again. I know they're safe.