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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


January 15 marks two anniversaries for me.

I started this blog one year ago today...  we were at Falcon Lake State Park in south Texas.  I had been reading various blogs for several months.  As it happened, Donna & Dennis Cave were parked right next to us at that park.  Donna's was one blog I'd been reading for a while and so we sought them out and introduced ourselves.

Donna was SO encouraging about writing a blog and so it began.  My very first "follower" was another Donna...  Donna K, up in Oregon.  I wonder if it hadn't been for these two giving me help and encouragement if I'd have had the patience to stick with it.  Thanks to the Donnas, Rick and all of you who have helped me along the way.

I've found the blog to be a very good way to keep track of where we are and what the heck we've been up to.  A whole new world of friends has opened up and with that, insight into others travels and their way of life.  So much so that I've cried tears of sorrow when these friends lose a loved one and tears of joy when they welcome a new life into their world.  I still have my frustrations with my blog, but now don't hesitate to ask you experts out there how to solve my problems.

Today is another anniversary...  today marks the 31st year that Bill & I have been together...
My last blog generated this comment..
"what's it like...  being so "in like" with someone"?
 Our version of  "The American Gothic"
Not exactly the Grant Wood painting depicting a farmer and his spinster daughter.  We were ready to enjoy life.
We were 40 years old when we met, both had a previous marriage, each of us had 2 kids.
Our kids were young adults by then.  Here we are, living on the farm with Bear, Bill's faithful dog.

 We've laughed a lot!
We've really enjoyed these past 31 years.  Sure, there have been tears... we've lost all 4 of our parents in these years.  Our kids have made it through college, got jobs that they like...  been through their own ups and downs in relationships..  but all is well.  
We've had sadness but...  we've had a lot of fun!

Our blended families became one....
 Our first grandchild
Heather...  born January 29, 1984

Then two granddaughters...  visiting us on their way to Germany, where they'll live for the next 4 years.  One of the hardest things I experienced was seeing my daughter leave the States...  feeling like 4 years was SO long to be apart.
But still....
I laugh when I look at this picture...  that large bucket on the left is brewing beer.  The gallon jugs on the left are making wine.  The bag behind Bill's elbow holds chicken food... we were raising baby chicks in the house.  AND...   I'm feeding Megan goat's milk... using a (sterilized) nipple we'd fed baby goats with.  Those were the days of a compost toilet....  a woodburning cookstove....  homebaked bread (yes... each week I baked our bread)....  we had our garden, chickens  and goats.

Those days are long gone...  and we no longer live on the farm.  Our 4 kids live in 4 different states.  Our 5 grandkids live in 3 other states.  We have 2 great-grandkids and a 3rd due in August. That little girl sitting on Bill's lap is now the mom of a 16 month old daughter.

Our life keeps changing...
A couple of weeks from now will mark our 12th year of full-time RVing.  Even that has evolved over those years...  and I expect it will continue to change as our interests and abilities change.

So...  what's it like to be "in like" with someone all these years?
It's wonderful!
I can only say that I'm one lucky lady....

Here's hoping we'll have a whole lot more years to like each other and be together.

That's All For Today!


  1. What a wonderful warms my heart

  2. Congratulations to you and Bill. You really do have a wonderful life and it's mighty nice of you to share that here on your blog. Have really enjoyed reading, and it's hard to believe that it's been only a year. You are doing a great job with it. Today is also my Sister's Birthday. Lots to celebrate today. Don't wear yourself out!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing some of your special moments ... happy 31st and here's to many, many more.

  4. Great story! Love it. Sounds like you've pretty enjoyed life and living it! Here's to many more years together.

  5. Nice walk down memory lane. You are one lucky lady! :)

  6. You two have so much fun together. It's a delight to hear about your lives.

  7. Congratulations on both anniversaries!

    So many changes, but reviewed from this viewpoint they all look like part of a successful life.

  8. ah... so now I know... thanks. Really enjoyed reading this... I got married at 41 but ... well? glad yours worked out ;) really I am ...

    Soooo cute! that little girl in Bill's lap is now a Mother... oh, sniff....

  9. Such a great tribute to your life with Bill. You both are truly an inspiration...and you still are SO adventurous. I admire you both and the life you have made for yourselves. Love that American Gothic picture!!! Happy Anniversary and may the adventures continue.

  10. Very nice post about your lives together. I enjoyed seeing the beer container since I used to make my own beer also. It was so good that people wanted to buy it from me, but I didn't want another job, just a fun hobby. We tried making wine but it didn't turn out good enough to drink.

    Keep on having such a great outlook and have fun.

    Looking forward to your posts from Spain, assuming it is still in the plans.

  11. Thanks for sharing your adventures & memories. I have truly enjoyed your sense of humor & all your hard work giving back to our country. Congrats on such a full life! Happy Anniversaries. You are one lucky lady but Bill is certainly one lucky man. It's great when 2 people can share the same goals & love doing most of the same things. God continue to Bless you both. Tom & Lynn

  12. What a wonderful story--may you have many, many more wonderful years together.