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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Me and In-N-Outs

When Bill and I were trying to decide what motorhome would be best for us, we had a brochure for the Lazy Daze company which is located outside of Los Angelos, CA.  We  truly loved everything about this particular motorhome and so sometime in the summer of 2000 we went to California to check it out.  
We flew into the Ontario, CA airport and stayed at a nearby motel.  Within walking distance of the motel were some restaurants, and we happened upon the "In-N-Out".
Even at that time we seldom ate beef, but we decided to try this hamburger joint...
At that place, you ordered at an outside window and if you didn't get it to take with you, you ate at an outside picnic table.
We each got a "double/double" along with some fries.
So began my love affair with In-N-Out.
At that time they were only located in places in California.
That's probably a good thing for us, because I think I could become addicted to the darned things.

We flew back to California in January, 2001 and picked up the motorhome that we'd ordered about 6 months prior.  Yep... we stayed at the same motel...  and, yes indeed, we again indulged in the
"Double/Double In-N-Out" platter.

Since that time the In-N-Out burger places have expanded.
We found one in Mesa, Arizona a few years ago...
And one in Yuma, AZ a few years later.

The last 2 or 3 winters we have stayed for a few weeks with our daughter who lives outside of Ft Worth, Texas.

Recently we went into Ft Worth to do some shopping, and what should we see?
You guessed it!
A brand-new In-N-Out had just opened!
There is now an "In-N-Out" located right in the parking lot at the huge Hulen St Mall!

I had my final post-op appointment today for that surgery I had in November.  Seemed like a perfect time to satisfy that urge for grease, carbs, and calories galore!
So after my appointment, we swung right by that place...
 Yeah...  this is it!
We each had a double/double and split the fries.... 
 Bill said something about a "heart attack on a platter"...
Maybe so... but we so seldom eat beef (actually we eat totally vegan about 80% of the time, vegetarian about 90% of the time and only eat meat, eggs, cheese etc when eating out or as guests)
Here's the "Den of Iniquity"

Who knows when I'll succumb again to my weaknesses????

Hmmmm...  have I ever told you about the green chile cheeseburgers at Manny's Buckhorn...  located near Soccoro, New Mexico...
Oh My Gawd!  To Die For!
Thank Goodness we don't usually live close enough to these temptations nor eat out often...

That's All For Today!


  1. Your eating habits are similar to mine, I do not buy any meat or eggs to cook in the RV. I sometimes eat non-vegetarian when at restaurants or when visiting others or at potlucks, etc. Sometimes you just have to have a "greasy spoon" burger.

  2. Ditto what Teri said... me too. But on baruther that looks good... I tell ya! there's just nothing like a burger and fries... I think it's unAmerican to not one ever now and then... along with a fried pie... peach

    1. put an eat between not and one....

  3. Left to my own devices, I wouldn't eat much meat either. But when I go out it's another story. I love pizza and it's just not pizza if it doesn't have pepperoni. I love french fries for a treat but you gotta have a burger with them--grilled cheese or egg salad will not do!

  4. Double double's with fries at any eatery are the occasional occurance here. Once, french fry to her lips, my sister said "I might as well be smoking a cigarette. Oh, well."

  5. We don't eat as much as we used to....getting older you know. lol. Just don't work up an appetite anymore. Husband is good, but I'm the snacker - chips, cheese, popcorn and pizza: none of which he likes.

  6. You sound like my sister. She and her hubby are in AZ. for the Fiesta Bowl and as they travel through California to get to AZ., they eat as many meals as they can at In-N-Out. We don't have them here in Oregon. I like them once in a while but I sure can't keep up with my sis!

  7. We too have significantly reduced our meat consumption and for a Montana cowboy--that is something good! We do succumb to a great burger now and then!

  8. This isn't the first place where I've heard rave reviews about In-N-Out burger. I'm not a big fan of fast food burgers to speak of, but I think I'd like one of those. I think I'd go along with the "heart attack on a plate" moniker, but not if you only have one ever few months.
    Hit the veggies tomorrow and clean out those arteries! (well, and any other areas that we won't mention)

  9. Double-Doubles are my fav at In-n-Out as well. That reminds me - there's one just down the road from us in Desert Hot Springs!!

  10. Goodness... my mouth was actually watering!!!!

  11. Don't each much red meat because I have to have it cooked to death, but will have to try one of these burgers ... they sound good.