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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Freezy Skid Stuff

A couple of days ago I took these pictures looking out the window of our motorhome.
There is a large herd of deer that move back and forth across the property each day.  That green area in the upper photo is the grass that our son-in-law planted last fall.  Bill's been watering it while we've been here and it looks pretty good considering the soil conditions.  There are deer feeders around the property... you can see them in the upper left corner of the top picture.  
Nobody hunts this property so the deer roam freely.

The next morning we woke up to this...
We left Ohio 12 years ago with the intention of keeping out of the snow zones.  
What happened to THAT plan?
At least the snow didn't accumulate and the roads didn't stay icy very long....

We had a full house at our bird feeders...
Cardinals, house sparrows, house finch, juncos, chickadees, goldfinch, chipping sparrows, and mourning doves flitted in and out all day.
I filled the feeders twice just to keep up with their appetites.

And another subject....

The manager of a refuge in Maine e-mailed me yesterday.  I have taken thousands of photos in our years of volunteering there.  At each summer's end, I've given the refuge CD's of all my photos to use if they want to.

Every now and then a photo comes out kind of special.
I'm a morning person and head out early to see what's out and about.  On 8/19/2005 at 5:34a.m. I happened across this scene...
The refuge personnel liked it enough to use it as a header for their brochure.

The e-mail I got was to tell me that the Regional office,  in Massachusetts want to hang this picture in their main lobby.


My photographer friend back in Kentucky tells me if you take enough photos, one is bound to come out good....

While I was looking through old CD's to find the original shot of that moose picture I came across this....

This red fox had caught a snowshoe hare and was heading home to her den...
It makes me think of that quote...
"God doesn't give us more than we can handle"
or maybe
"God helps those who help themselves"

Okay...  sort of went from snow, to snowshoe hares....

Must be time to close.

That's All For Today!


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  2. Congratulations. I can see why the regional office wants to display your photo. It is fantastic. You and Bill lead such a rich life. I loved the fox photo as well. It resembles a watercolor in my eyes

  3. Sharon,

    That is a great picture as most of yours are. This one does stand out. I would suggest you get some of them printed professionally, frame them, and then put a nice price tag on the finished product and sell them. My son did this with some of his pictures and they turned out great.

    Great pictures.

  4. That is indeed a great photo and you should be proud. I've enjoyed many of your photos and I think you could sell prints like Clark said. Another option is a Smug Mug storefront - very easy to do.

    What is it about deer? I think we all love to watch them and agree they are such beautiful animals. I enjoyed your pictures of them.

  5. Those beautiful beautiful mornings ... love it, Sharon. No wonder they want to use it...

  6. "Freezy Skid Stuff" you are so funny, Sharon. I love that moose picture. That is one of the most beautiful and tranquil photos that I have ever seen! You have such a great eye!! Thanks so much for sharing. Oh, yeah, I did enjoy the other photos too!

  7. WoooHooo indeed. But it is a fabulous picture. I love red fox. That one certainly is bringing home the bacon.

  8. That is a beautiful photo. My plan is to never have to drive in snow again.

  9. I've got to tell you, that the Moose photo is mind-blowing and an excellent, superb photo. You did REALLY GOOD!! Love it.

  10. Congratulations on having your photo chosen for a special place.

    Be very proud.


  11. Congratulations!! That is one spectacular photo!

  12. Congratulations ... that is indeed a great photo and worthy of not only being used in a brochure but being displayed where it can inspire others.

  13. Wouldn't be moose without some fog to go along with 'em, in my experience! Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations! That photo is absolutely beautiful!

  15. Too cool to have the photo accepted. Congrats.

  16. Great post. That refuge photo is spectacular! Congratulations!

  17. You have gotten some awesome pictures!

  18. We are still in Ohio. It is 5º here this morning or -14.44 C or around there. Very cold. I don't know what the wind chill is but it must be brutal. You really did get some outstanding photographs in this posting. The one of the fox and rabbit is amazing.

  19. Congrats on the photo op. That definitely is an exquisite photo. I like watching the birds at feeders too and it is so peaceful to sit and watch them, albeit sometimes expensive to keep them fed. Worth it though. Your fox photo was quite interesting too. We have red fox at our campground so I have to keep a good eye on Sugar