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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Person Making a List....

It's count-down time now.  A week from tomorrow (January 31) Celeste will take me and Bill to the DFW airport where we'll start our next adventure.

We'll be living in Sevilla, Spain for 2 months...  going to classes during the week...  seeing the sights and doing some traveling on the weekends.  

I took our luggage over to Celeste's house - put it in one of her spare bedrooms so we can start packing for the trip.  There's just no space in our rig to leave a bag open for a week or so.

I read Bob's blog about moving...  furniture and all....  maybe that's easier than just packing for a month or so...  you're not likely to forget anything if you're emptying a house.

I make lists...  camera, spare battery; GPS, spare battery; Kindel, charger; laptop, power cord; (Bill checks each of these to make sure they can take 220 volts)...  so much of what we use these days is electronic, needs batteries or a power cord. Sunglasses, reading glasses, medications.  etc etc etc

After it's all accumulated THEN it all goes into various bags...  and weighed.  Oops.  take that pair of shoes from that bag and put them into this one...  okay... now weigh again.  

We'll have it all together by this time next week....  Bill's even planning to get a haircut!  

The weather here has been really crappy...  has been in the 20's at night, but yesterday got to 65 during the day.  So...  what does a person do when the weather cooperates?
 Go Geocaching, of course!
Here I am...  holding Spongebob Squarepants.
The logbook is in a capsule hidden inside.

He was hidden underneath a couple of rocks along this fence line.
Like a good cacher, I put him back exactly where I found him.

We only went after 2 caches yesterday....  found them both and still got home by lunch time.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a brewery we visited.  I received this comment:

Sharon:  I thought you might enjoy this small world story.  When you wrote your blog about the brewery you visited I forwarded the link to a friend of ours, Joe Whitney.  About six years ago we sold the majority of our acreage and a house to a young couple from Colorado who wanted a Montana get away--Joe and Tammy Whitney.  They have become delightful friends--at that time Joe worked for Fat Tire and now is the national marketing director for Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.  Here is what Joe said when he received the link about the brewery you and your husband visited:
"Grant is an old friend. Great guy. If you meet him tell him you know me and I said he would buy you a free beer. I saw him last spring and he told me about his plans. He's a good brewer with a good name. Should do okay. "

Have a good day!  Janna

Isn't it something what a small world it is that we really live in?

And sharing blogs sure makes it closer!

That's All for Today!


  1. What an adventure you're preparing for! Adios, Amigos! :)

  2. I so admire the spirit of adventure that you and Bill share. Have a wonderful time. When you get back, you can give Spanish lessons on your blog!!

  3. Buena journada. Buena ventura. That's all I know. Have a wonderful adventure.

  4. I would love to go back to Spain someday. Have a great time on your adventure.

  5. Can't wait to start reading about your Spain adventure!

  6. That is going to be quite some adventure for sure. Safe travels and hope you keep blogging!

  7. Will you be able to continue geocaching in Spain?

  8. Looking forward to hearing about your Spain adventure. Like you, we've got packing lists that help tremendously when we're going on trips ... unlike you, we don't have somewhere other than our motorhome in which to do our packing this year ... it's going to be a challenge ;-)

  9. That spongebob geocache is inventive! It's fun to find something different isn't it?
    I'm really looking forward to reading about your Spain adventures.

  10. It IS a small world! So glad we'll still be in Sevilla when you first arrive. We'll be moving some time after Feb 15. (Tried to escape before you got here, but it didn't work out.)

  11. I am really enjoying your pictures and your blog. What a life you have! Cant wait to hear all about Spain. Two months is quite an adventure.