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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hodge-Podge, Mish-Mash, This-n-That....

Not much going on here.....

It finally cooled down...  was only 56 degrees at 6:00 this morning....  it's warmed up considerably since then, but nothing like it's been lately....
This was in full sun, but still....  that's pretty darned hot.  Today is the first day we haven't had the AC turned on...  but it's only about 2pm...  the day's not over yet!

Bill looked out the other morning and saw the turkey getting a drink from the water trough (that's "trawf" to me ;-)   She wandered off a way as I was trying to get her picture.  Darned if there wasn't a jackrabbit hanging out in the background.  I love my "two-fer" photos...  sometimes they are a real surprise.
Jackrabbit and hen Turkey

Looks like the cardinal clan has multiplied this summer...
Not all of these are first year birds, but unless they are standing around quivering and wanting fed, sometimes it's hard for me to tell just what's what.

In Ohio we have the Tufted Titmouse....
 In this part of Texas we have the Black-crested Titmouse.  This guy's black crest doesn't show up very good here and I think he's a juvenile.

Another bird we have here is the Eastern Phoebe
We're pretty much on the edge of Western Birds and Eastern Birds.  So... not only do we get a fairly large variety of birds, we also get strays from both sides of the US.  One of my favorite times to be here is when the sandhill cranes migrate.... we hear them far overhead as they pass by.

Now...  here we have one of my very favorite birds...  having dinner with one of my least favorite....
While the Brownheaded Cowbird is colorful in his own way, and actually has an interesting song, they are quite prolific... and will lay up to several dozen eggs in a season...  all in other bird's nests.  

Speaking of having dinner....
 The H.E.B. (grocery) had fresh okra yesterday....  and also wild-caught Alaska salmon (no coloring added).    I haven't owned a salt shaker in years...  use a lot of Mrs. Dash.  The Goya seasoning has some sodium, but we use it in moderation.  I guess that middle bottom photo is a bit unappetizing, but hey, I forgot to take the picture until dinner was almost over.

Bill's ankle seems a little better each day....  our ant bites have gone back to normal size and it takes only a couple smears of anti-itch stuff a day to control the itch....  Bill's chigger bites... well, Bill gets chigger bites whenever he steps outside....  let's see....  that' pretty much covers the whole picture of our life these days.

We have no plans for the July 4th weekend except to hang out here and stay out of traffic.  Hope you and yours have a safe holiday.

That's All For Today!


  1. I'm so happy to have found your post and I'm following almost every day. Check my blog for the photo of the turkeys living in my neighborhood - in town! Wow! That's some beautiful salmon - who needs salt with something like that? Did you see my diatribe yesterday or the day before about having an anaphylaxis kit on hand? I have seen the results of allergic reactions when people haven't played it safe. Just one example - a lady we had in surgery years ago ..... I was preparing her (after she'd been anesthetized) for the procedure - inserting a urinary catheter when suddenly the monitor showed a FLAT LINE _ no breathing, no pulse!!!!! She revived and started breathing again after about 20 minutes of resuscitation efforts by a whole team of doctors and nurses. She'd been asked about allergies and didn't mention to the doctor that she'd been "getting a rash on my hands when I wear my Rubbermaid gloves to wash the dishes." The catheter I'd inserted had a bit of latex in the manufacturing - that no longer happens - everything is latex free in surgery. A word to the wise!

  2. Forgot to ask: any great recipe ideas for okra? I love it.

  3. love your pictures as always ... why don't you like the cowbird? she's a moocher type bird? well why would she lay eggs in someone else's nest? do you know? I tell ya nature is something else.... it was ordained that this bird shall lay eggs in another's nest. ha?

    regardless... your surprised visit by a jackrabbit reminded me of that OLD joke ... haven't thought of it in eons.... ha

    got to post it ... got to do it...

    A young couple (Billy & Stephanie) agreed that if either of them were to ever die, the surviving one would attempt to make contact with the dead one exactly one year following the death. Billy was killed in an automobile accident two years later. As agreed, Stephanie tried to make contact with him exactly one year later and succeeded. This is how the conversation went:

    Stephanie: How are things up there?

    Billy: Oh, things are just wonderful. We get up every morning and make love. We then eat breakfast and make love some more. After lunch we usually take a nap then make love until supper then make love some more until we go to sleep. Then the next morning we start all over again.

    Stephanie: That is wonderful. I didn't know that heaven would be like that.

    Billy: I'm not in heaven. I'm a jackrabbit in Texas...

  4. Young cardinals don't have red beaks. :)

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  6. I love okra any way it is prepared!!! Pickled okra is really YUMMY. I flour coat sliced okra and fry it up. Now I want okra!!!

  7. Unlike a previous commenter, I won't be asking for any okra recipes as it's not on our menus here, but salmon definitely is and bet yours was delicious. Caught up on some previous posts and glad to learn Bill is healing and the motorhome is serviced. Hope the ants stay away.

  8. Been a long time since I've had Okra. Used to dip it in batter and pan fry it. Loved it. Your photos are really nice.

  9. Love the birds. Love the food. The chiggers, not so much!! Nasty little beasts, sure to create days of itchy misery...


  10. Great bird pics - I especially like your header photo. Never had Okra that I know of.

  11. I guess it would follow that there'd be lots of cowbirds out in cattle country. My total experience with okra has been with what is found in Campbell's Chicken Gumbo soup. I was not impressed as it seems kinda tasteless and slimy. I've been trying to cut back on salt so I'll have to check out the Goya seasonings.
    Glad the bug bites and getting better. Life is better without all those annoyances!

  12. Absorbine Jr. is the best thing I have ever found for stings and bug bites. Yellow jackets, wasp, wood bees, fire ants......anything. As soon as you are bit or stung dabb some AJ on it and within 20 minutes you will not be able to tell where the bite or sting is. Better than meat tenderizer or over the counter meds.