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Monday, July 22, 2013

I ♥ Blogs.....

Paul & Kathleen Smith introduced me to the world of blogging in 2004.  We were all on the Adventure Caravan Twin Piggyback Tour of Mexico and the Smith's posted a daily blog of our travels.  I think their were 18 rigs on that tour for a total of about 6 weeks.  For many of us it was our first trip into Mexico and we were all concerned about keeping our families "back home" informed.  The Smith's write a terrific blog, but they involved each of the tour participants by inviting each of us to contribute a blog for "our" day.  I think each couple wrote the day's blog twice during the tour.

It was interesting to see the different styles of writing and to read about the day from a different perspective.  We could use our own photos to illustrate our writing as well.  At the end of the tour, Paul and Kathleen had booklets of the blog made up for each of us.  I still have mine and even now, nearly 10 years later it's fun to look at and relive the trip.

The Smith's had their own dish and service...  not a whole lot of folks we knew had that back then.  A lot of us still depended on local libraries or other  means to get on the internet.  So while Paul & Kathleen encouraged us all to write a blog of our travels it just wasn't easy to do that on a daily basis.

It wasn't until November, 2005 that we bought a dish and tripod and used Hughes net...  it was a real luxury to have internet anytime we wanted it. (We have since changed to Millinicom and no longer carry around all that "baggage")

Bill read some "forums" fairly regularly, and through them began reading some blogs.  I had kept my family and friends informed of our travels writing what I called "long letters" (which included a couple dozen photos) and sending that to about 25-30 people every few weeks.

I began to read blogs that were written by folks I knew.  I still read Paul & Kathleen's blog.  We met Chris and Juan in Veracruz and I began reading his blog, and a couple of years ago we met Mark & Terri up in Maine.  They had encouraged our friends Carolyn and Wally to write, and I began reading both of their blogs.

Hey...  this is fun!  Alongside the written part, most folks have a column that lists the blogs they follow.  Well now...  look at this....  since most of the folks I read were either avid travelers or avid birders... or both...  I found all kinds of interesting reading.

In February, 2012, we were at Falcon Lake in south Texas...  looky here..  a blogger I read is at this park.  I met Donna and Dennis Cave...  knocked on their door and with her encouragement kind of tentatively began my own blog a few days later.

Now comes the interesting part...  I immediately got all kinds of encouragement from other bloggers.  Donna K kept my spirits up with her help and advice.  I hesitate to mention names only because there were many folks who were so helpful and I don't even know who they all were.  I still have much to learn (like how to link stuff...  I should be able to write someone's blogname and you could click on it...  )   Maybe with time I'll figure it all out...

Well, one thing led to another and I started reading all kinds of blogs.  I guess my curiosity wins out because while RVers and birders were my first interests, I read all kinds of blogs written by all kinds of folks.  It was because of a blog that Bill & I went to Seville, Spain.  Yeah, we were going to Spain, but hadn't chosen a city until I read Mitch's blog.  We had the pleasure of meeting Mitch and San Geraldo...  indeed, we got together several times during our stay in Seville.

I started today's blog thinking of a couple of other blogs I read...  One is "1000 Pattes".....  it's mostly wildlife photography...  but it's from Europe and written in French.  No, I don't speak French, but usually there are enough translations to explain it.  The photos don't automatically come up on this blog, so before I get the photos I try to figure out what the critter is by the French name...  and the scientific name.  I know, kind of a weird thing to do, but....  hey....  it's fun.

Another I read is a vegetarian recipe blog.  I even went to the local kitchen gadget store in Granbury and bought a Julienne Peeler.  So what if I haven't used it yet...  I have what looks to be a great Thai salad in mind.....

And of course there's the blogs I look forward to every day...  about National Wildlife Refuges, about the latest in Google technology (which I read but can't always figure out), about things Dizzy wonders about, or what's going on in Carolyn's life today....  People I've never met personally...  the list goes on and on and on.

I appreciate the folks who read my own blog, and love reading the comments.  Some folks who blog reply to each comment, which is really a nice thing to do, but I didn't have a clue how to do that when I started and didn't get in that habit...

Mostly I love reading others blogs...  what a diversity of folks...  what a range of interests....  what a great bunch of people who take the time to share their own thoughts and their own life.  I can't always think of something snappy to say, but chances are, if you're reading this, I read your blog, even If I don't always comment.

Yes, I ♥ Blogs!

That's All For Today!


  1. I agree there is a wide world of interesting people out there and blogging allows us to meet so many of them.

  2. Forums are OK, but blogging is better. The diversity of the bloggers and their blogs keeps my interest up. I probably spend way too much time reading and commenting on blogs and writing my own, but just love it. I have met many of the bloggers in person, and would love to meet them all, if possible.

  3. It's amazing how blogging opens up our world to discover new people and places! I love blogs too!

  4. It's all the lovely people, isn't it.

  5. I suppose I wouldn't know what I was missing without the world of blogs to read, but I do know it's a fun thing to do. Some hold my interest more than others, but the same can be said for whatever I have to share, or not. Some times the well is dry, or describing the contents might be just a wee bit too boring.
    When it comes right down to it, having some sort of journal to refer back to can be an enjoyment as well.
    Keep on truckin'.

  6. I started reading blogs when I was planning on full-time RV'ing. They were and are a rich source of information. I now follow blogs about healthy eating and quilting and fiber arts and homesteading and anything else that is of interest to me. I have always preferred to read memoirs or biographies instead of novels and the blogs are a way to get little snippets of that. Sometimes, if a blog I come across is interesting, I will go back and read it from the beginning or at least a year out depending on how many posts there are. Yes, I love blogging, too.

  7. I was reading sailing blogs long before I thought about writing one. It is a very interesting form of communication.

  8. It's a great hobby that's for sure.

  9. Sharon * is there a specific blog you follow about Wildlife Refuges or are you referring to Travels with Emma? I thoughly enjoy your blog, thanks for taking the time to write it for us all to enjoy & follow. Becki

  10. I love blogs too! I sure enjoy yours along with many others everyday...I have to say, I especially enjoyed your posts from Spain. I will never go there so it was way fun to see all the streets and get your I went too!

  11. What an eclectic group of interests you have. I don't think you will ever grow old as your mind is just so active. I'm sure glad you started blogging because I have enjoyed going along on several journeys with you! Keep it up!!

  12. Loved reading how you began blogging. Your curiosity level is what will keep you keeping on, Sharon. luv it

    There are days I think ... wth. I sit down with the laptop and start feeling better as I go down my blog roll ... reading about real people doing so many different things in so many different ways yet we're all the same .. just some of us are more curious than others... do I hear a lol

  13. I didn't discover blogging until late 2010. I'm hooked, too, and am so grateful for the connections I've made. Connecting with you and then meeting you and Bill in Sevilla is a highlight. I'm thrilled to have played a part in that decision and experience for you. ¡Abrazitos de Málaga!

  14. Very well said. I think most of us got into blogging in a similar fashion. I've learned so much from other blogs and RV forums.

  15. Your blog is great! I'm surprised you haven't been posting longer. You have a nice writing style and take great photos, AND you go to places that are interesting.

    I also found blogs through forums, and decided to start mine a year before I got my RV. I wanted to document the process so I wouldn't forget that time in my life. I agree with you. I LOVE blogs, too! :)