Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Raindrops Are Falling On My Head....

Yes!  We finally got some rain here in this part of Texas!
It started raining late Saturday night or early Sunday...  we got all of 1/2 inch total on Sunday.

Monday it began in earnest....  an additional 3.5 inches, brought the total rainfall to 4 inches in just 2 days.

While the rain didn't make the creek run with water, at least now there are puddles in the creek bed behind our daughter's house.

Bill uses Victor's 4-wheeler to get around...
Rylie, Celeste's dog, just loves riding with anyone who will take him along.
It's been one month now since Bill broke a bone in his ankle...  that boot keeps him secure but mobile.  He probably will be wearing his "fashionable" footwear for another month.

Before the rains started Saturday night, Rylie chased some critter into that crevice of the rocks shown above.  I thought he was stuck...  he barked, then was quiet...  this went on for several hours.  We all tried to coax him out... with food, with threats (yeah, right!), and even Bill's walking stick.  Celeste knows his bark... thought he was okay.  We "2 footed" folks all went home.  Not too long later Rylie came trotting home...  but he knew he was in the doghouse... would barely even look at Celeste for the rest of the day.
We never did know what Rylie was after, but with all these rocks we were concerned about snakes.  He's had his rattlesnake vaccine, but a bite is still a serious thing for such a little dog.

I think the rain is about over here...  we got a little more yesterday... maybe today we'll have some thundershowers...  but... they will be welcome.  
The ponds are looking fuller, the grass is looking greener, but it all still has a way to go...
We can handle a few more raindrops!

That's All For Today!


  1. rattlesnake vaccination... no kidding. well, the little toot! Alfred wanted out last night ... she usually comes right back... nope so went on to bed ... thought she would just sleep on the porch. I still haven't seen her and it's almost noon... worried

    Glad you got rain but I know the flash flood scenario

  2. It's amazing to see what rainfall does in that creek bed.

  3. 4" of rain is outstanding for July in Texas. Keep it coming!!


  4. I didn't know you could get rattle shake vaccinations. What about other snakes? We have a lot of coral, cotten mouth, and copper head around here and a few diamond back rattlers.

  5. butterbean carpenterJuly 17, 2013 at 4:51 PM

    Howdy Sharon,

    It finally stopped RAINING(BOO HOO) here this morning.. Joyce went to town and ran through a hard shower, it didn't rain here at the ranch, but we got over 6 1/2 inches TOTAL, she got the truck unstuck and drove it to town... THANK THE LORD FROM WHOM ALL RAIN FLOWS !!!!

    Hope the sunshine doesn't dry up the moisture !!!!! Y'all have a HAPPY DAY, today!!!!!!!!!! Riding a 4-wheeler is having tooooooo much fun !!!

  6. I didn't know about rattlesnake vaccinations either! What will they think of next!

  7. Glad you guys got some rain, we are under a severe thunderstorm watch right now and hoping for rain--the hay is done, let it rain.

  8. Oh, now I can't get BJ Thomas's voice out of my head. "Nothing's worryin' me..."

    Amazing hummingbird photos!

  9. yep, rain's a good thing. we have it here almost every day now.

  10. That rainfall would be most welcome too in most parts of the east coast right now where there's lots of heat and humidity. We are currently in RI and it's no better here. Glad to read that Rylie made it home safely on his own and that Bill's recovery continues on track.