Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, July 19, 2013

Just A Walk Around the Block...

No matter where we live, we always seem to find a good walking route...  whether it be in the city, like the great places we walked while in Sevilla, Spain, or in the boonies in south Texas, like our recent gate-guarding job.  

Our daughter's place, which is rural, is no different.  While her house is located just off a dead-end road, the county road is paved out here it's flat and easy walking.  I can easily walk over 2 miles in any of 3 directions, which makes for a nice 3-5 mile walk round-trip.

But our stay this time is different...  I lost my walking partner.  Bill does okay with that "boot" for short jaunts, but for him, the 4-wheeler is now his mode of travel.

Our daughter and son-in-law recently bought the piece of land that abuts their property.  There are no houses on it...  in fact, there's no water or electric or anything.  Celeste has created a very nice path that pretty much borders their property...
It wanders through some wooded areas....
 Under some oaks trees and junipers....
 Into open areas that are grassy.... (at least by Texas standards)
 Along side the creek bed....
 Which, if there is ever enough rain, has some places big enough for "swimming holes"....
 But even a little water makes it a welcome stop for critters... 
 Celeste has chosen a few spots to have benches built...  you can walk as long as you want, or take along a book and stop and read for a while....  or just look around you and maybe spot a deer.
 Yesterday morning was very foggy...  the fog changed the whole perspective of the walk...   (same area was 3 photos back)
 The path is wide enough that you could drive a vehicle on it if you wanted...  but mostly the width makes walking easier and makes mowing and other maintenance a bit easier to manage.

The path makes a large loop.... coming out of the trees into an open area...  
Hello, Sunshine!

It takes me around 1,000 steps to walk the entire path.  I love walking it so much that I've been walking clock-wise for a couple laps ...  then walking a couple more laps counter-clock-wise.  
Things always look a little different when coming from a different direction.

This doesn't get me my 10,000 steps for the day, but it's a great way to start.

Eventually, I think Celeste will be putting up bird feeders and some other things to attract the wildlife.  She's just getting started on this project.

What a great way to "walk around the block".


  1. I already admired your creek. This is lovely. Good job, Celeste!

  2. Great photos. I especially liked the "swimming hole". Before I had walking problems I enjoyed a solitary walk in places like that. Gives a person plenty of space to think or just admire nature.

  3. I love the fact that you don't have to worry about vehicles and it's not covered with the hard core joggers or bikers who think you are in their way. And besides that it is beautiful.

  4. Wow!! that is pretty nice. How many acres do they have?

  5. That is great! I agree, it's nice to take a walk without being run over or honked at!

  6. wow that is fantastic what a wonderful place to walk every morning!

  7. Sure is a great way to walk around the block.

  8. Great place to walk. We have mowed paths (so I can see the snakes before they see me) for walking around our place, too, husband doesn't like to get in the car and drive somewhere to walk. :) Thanks for the tour.

  9. Great place to walk...and you are so right about getting a different view if you turn around...hope Bill's ankle is healing.

  10. Nice walk. How many people get to see something like this? Beautiful.

  11. I am like you, always looking for a place to walk, wherever we are. You certainly have a lovely walk there!