Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Not Much Going On...

I think I'll start walking at least part of my "route" tomorrow.  The stitches don't come out of my knee until next Monday - it's fairly flexible now, so ...  no running.... but at least a few thousand steps!

Since I haven't been out and about much, I don't have any new photos...
I met this guy along my walking route last week.  At first I thought it was a Holstein Cow...  I'd never seen a mule (donkey? jackass?) spotted like this.  I didn't have anything to give him and boy! did he let me know he wasn't happy...  brayed for about 5 minutes after I had walked on up the road.

Not on my walk, but right here in the yard...
Hmmm...  there's a chicken among those guineas...
Yep.... these guys were all raised together from chick-hood...  not sure whether the rooster thinks he's a guinea or the guineas think they're chickens.... but they hang out together all the time.

The girls are checking out what Bill's doing in the garage.  These chickens were handled a lot as peeps so it's quite normal for one to hop up on your lap while you're sitting on the porch.  They are just new at laying eggs and haven't quite figured out where the nesting boxes are....  the other day one just sat down on the sidewalk and laid her egg.   They'll get it figured out.

I don't have any game cameras up, but the deer come into the yard all the time...
Especially in the early morning or late evening you can look out and see a half dozen or more.  Victor keeps the deer feeders filled and they know where dinner is.

Yesterday, Bill & I drove into Ft Worth to Trader Joe's and Barnes & Noble....  we had intended to have lunch at the In 'n Out (umm ummm...  a double-double)....  but we had stopped at a roadside burrito wagon and had a greasy chorizo breakfast burrito and still weren't hungry at lunchtime...  so headed back home.

A good excuse to head back to Ft Worth again soon.

That's All For Today!


  1. So sorry I fell behind on my reading this past week and didn't know about your fall! Wow! See? Exercise is dangerous!

    Glad you're so quickly improving. It looks like you're in another magical place.

  2. That first picture of the donkey or whatever, with that white ear he has, it makes him look like a unicorn. Are you sure it isn't a unicorn.

  3. I posted a comment but it disappeared, so will try again. I think that donkey, or whatever it is, in the first picture is sure different. With that white ear sticking out like that it looks like a unicorn. You do come up with something different all the time and this time you took a picture of a mythical animal.

    1. Dang, now it shows up. Sorry about posting so many comments.

  4. Oh, I am SO jealous, an In 'N Out Burger??? in Texas?? We have nary a one in Oregon!!!

  5. you've never seen a spotted a$$ before? ha ha. Loved the photos, and hope you have a quick recovery.

  6. Do you eat the guinea eggs?
    Cute little burro/donkey. He would probably love a little attention!

  7. Always LOVE visiting your blog, and seeing what you're seeing and doing! Love the spotted donkey - maybe it's part