Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Yucky Yaca....

It was common to see Yaca trees along the streets of Lo de Marcos, Nayarit, Mexico.  In fact, the house we are in the process of buying has a large yaca in the front yard.  When we left it had several large fruit hanging from the branches.

Yaca, or jackfruit, is not among the fruits I like.  But then I don't like pawpaws, mango, or papaya either.  So maybe it's a matter of personal taste.  But one day as we were taking our daily walk I saw this...
Someone had cut down a couple of the breadfruit and laid them on the ground next to the curb.  Whether intended as chicken feed or not I don't know...  but this rooster was having a good time eating the milky sap that was oozing from the stems.  

We left Mexico and are now back in Ohio.  Yaca trees don't even think about growing here (pawpaws, yes....  papaya and mango... no way!).  So today, when I was shopping at our local Kroger store imagine my surprise when I came across this....
In the produce section...  proudly displayed as exotic fruit....  sat these 2 large jackfruit.
They cost $1.29 a pound, and that one on the left must weigh at least 5 pounds...  so they aren't cheap!
I watched 2 folks stand in front of them and discuss what they were etc.  The woman took a photo of them to send to her son, who she said is a chef.  She wondered if he'd ever used such a thing.

No, I didn't even think about buying one.  Memo, back in Lo de Marcos, will show me how to harvest the seeds and use the fruit when we return....  but right now, I'll just look at them on display at my Kroger store and think happy thoughts of our great time in Lo de Marcos.

That's All For Today!


  1. Maybe if you picked your Yaca at your new place and shipped them to Kroger you could become rich! ;)

  2. They don't look like very appetizing fruits. Think I will stick with what we like.

  3. Oh, how many times have I stood in the produce department staring in wonder at some never-seen-before exot fruit, wondering what the heck they are good for.

  4. I love papaya and mango. But some of the exotic things I see in the store, don't look very good. I don't know what is done with cactus leaves, still spiny, in fact.

  5. That rooster looks sort of skinny. Maybe he needs to eat one of those.

  6. They sure do not look appetizing at that price:)