Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1,227 miles later.....

We left Texas Saturday morning....
Said our goodbyes....  Here's Bill and daughter, Celeste.  Our rig has been parked in Celeste's yard off and on since December.  We went down to the Valley (McAllen area) for the month of January and to Costa Rica for the month of April...  took our rig to the Valley but left it here in April.  Anyway, kind of like the song says...  Winter's Almost Gone...  Summer's Comin' On...  Look like it's Time to travel on....

We headed up to Ft Worth...  around the south side to avoid both Ft Worth and Dallas, and caught up with I30 on the east side of Dallas...  headed to Texarkana...  and points east...

Out of Texas... in Arkansas...  up along the west side of the Mississippi River into Missouri, across the River to Illinois...  Indiana...  down to Louisville, KY.....  then up to Cincinnati... and across to Athens, Ohio...  my hometown.

The terrain changes...  the flat Texas desert-type land with oaks and cedars change to a large variety of hardwoods.  Tall white and red oaks; sycamores; cottonwoods; ash, elm, black gum, sweet gum, beech, birch...  oh...  just on and on.  The wildflowers change...  no more Mexican blanket; no more prickly pear cactus... now we are seeing Queen Anne's Lace, Common  day lilies, some fleabane and other daisy-like flowers.  It's still too early for most of the eastern wildflowers to be in bloom, but OH!  is it ever GREEN here!!!

That's  The Next Exit  on the left, and a road atlas on the right.  The Garmin Nuvi is on the dash....  How in the world did we ever find our way anywhere before all these conveniences?

When we're just traveling from Point A to Point B we drive on the interstates and stay overnight at Wal-Marts.  
Since we're heading East, this must be a sunrise...  but after a few days (and nights) on the road, it tends to all run together.

We're not "speedy" travelers...  anything over 200 miles a day is a long day for us.  On Saturday we drove 300 miles, Sunday was 369 miles; Monday 326 miles and Tuesday 232 miles.  We tend to leave early...  usually around 7am...  stop at Roadside Rests...  stop for a long lunch and maybe a quick nap...  and by 4pm are ready to stop for the night.  Bill sets the cruise control for 55 MPH.....  even though the speed limit may be 60, 65, or sometimes 70 mph, there are always enough lanes that we don't hold up traffic.

I don't drive the rig...  I have and I can...  but I'd rather not.

We get back to Athens once, sometimes twice, a year, but haven't lived there since 2001.    I had lived in Athens Co all my life before that time, and my son, my brother and sister all live there.  Athens Co. is in southeast Ohio...  the foothills of the Appalachians.  Rt 32, the road crosses from Cincinnati, Oh to Athens changes from flat to rolling hills.  

I start getting excited as I see familiar roadside sights....
I always look for this little guy...  sitting on a fence post... welcoming anyone who cares to wave back.  Of course I always wave....  afterall, I'm only about 50 miles from "home"...  (he's been there for years...  I still haven't gotten a decent picture of him...)

We're getting there!
Into the home stretch!!!

We don't live in "our" house anymore.  It's been rented out since 2001.  But before we left to Full-Time, Bill put in an RV pad with a dump station and hook-up at the edge of the woods.
It doesn't take us long to settle in.  Even while we're hooking everything up, we are treated to the flute-like songs of the wood thrush.  I say I don't bird by ear, but the familiar calls of the bluejay, wren, cardinal, titmouse and even the indigo bunting are music to my ears.  

Today Bill saw a bluebird...  looks like he's got a nest in one of the many bird houses that Bill has erected on the property.  I have a hummingbird feeder and a thistle feeder out...  the Ruby-throated hummingbird is the only species we get here.  We are happy to see these birds again.

I've made some phone calls...  sent some e-mails....  already have plans to see my family and friends.  Tonight we'll go out to dinner with my sibs and son.  Our time here will be short...  long enough to visit some, get our mail delivered and get caught up on a few things with the rentals.  

The time will go fast...

Too fast, sometimes....

But, we'll enjoy it to the max while we're here!

That's All For Today....


  1. Welcome home. I remain in awe of all the terraine in this country, high, low, green, brown, oceans. But Ohio's hills are the best. Mine are NE Ohio. I do enjoy your travels and looking forward to what comes next.

  2. It sounds like you keep on the move. I wish I could travel around like that--unencumbered by keeping house and a daily routine. (Or is it just different?) I've never seen the South or East and would love to do that someday.

  3. Tell everyone hello in Maine for us. Safe travels.

  4. That's a lot of driving. We don't like to do over 200 miles either. How nice that you have a pad and hook-ups all ready for you - that was good thinking to get that put in.

  5. VERY good idea to have the RV pad and H/U at the end of the property. I'm going to have to remember that if I ever own a little house again on some property. It would be a good idea to rent out the house and keep the RV spot for a home base.

    Enjoy your visits with family. :)

  6. Interesting...there are so many blogs, so many good posts, and yet I am not quite sure what makes a good one and catches my heart. This was one of those good ones! I felt the road, got the feel of getting all those miles, and felt what it was like for you to be back at your old home. Nice. thank you

  7. How nice to have a place to park on your own property. Enjoy your time with family. I'm thinking next year I may travel back through the Midwest and to the East coast.

  8. Great idea setting up your own station for return visits. My goal is to travel someday, though I'm you...prefer not to drive one of those rigs.

  9. Glad to see you guys are having fun. We spent a week in the RGV and a week at SPI, got a chance to know the birds there using a birding sheet provided by the visitor's center. Now we're in San Antonio.

  10. Nice arrangement with the RV pad. Sure wish we could have done that with our house in Canada. Too urban a setting, and really not enough room. So we had to do the "storage lot" routine. Not the most convenient.
    What you have there looks better than a lot of camp grounds. Enjoy your stay.