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Friday, May 4, 2012

Back in the Groove...

Greetings!  It's taken a couple of days to catch up on everything...  laundry wasn't too bad because I had the washer in the house in Costa Rica and so never got far behind.

Mexican Blanket - Glen Rose, Texas

Mail took a while longer...  Our mailing address is the Escapees mail service in Livingston, TX and that service includes their sorting out the junk mail and only sending on first class stuff.  Nearly everything we have is paid automatically every month, but we do receive hard copies in the mail of credit card and bank statements.  I still haven't recorded expenses on Quicken yet...  because....

Since my computer crashed while we were in Costa Rica I don't have Quicken re-installed yet.  The computer guy there put in a new hard drive, said my data on the crashed one was still on it. Now, maybe it was just the language problem, but we took my laptop to the computer shop we use in Granbury, TX to get the old data put on...  they tell me that they can't do it...  that there's some kind of problem with the hard drive that crashed their computer.  I'll admit right now that I haven't been good about backing up my computer.  We did back up Quicken just before we left, but nothing else.  So most everything is gone...  as well as all the pictures I took for the first 2 weeks we were in Costa Rica.

Mexican Blanket Flower

We had turned our phone off while we were out of the country...  checked our messages upon our return.  Several from Express Scripts telling me my prescriptions are due to be refilled, a couple miscellaneous calls...  and...  a call from our CPA asking us to call him ....  seems the IRS has a problem with our 2010 tax return.  

YIKES!  We're still trying to get this figured out, but apparently the stipend we received from Fish & Wildlife in 2010 was taxable...  but since we never received a 1099 or W2 we never reported it.  Guess this will work out eventually....

And then another thing that needs taken care of....

We have been full-time RVers for going on 12 years now.  We never changed our place of residence from Ohio although we are there only a few days each year.

It's time...  and we are planning to become Texas residents.  So, yesterday we went to the Div of Motor Vehicles to see what all is required there. Bill has a CDL and has read that some of the regulations have changed since he got that.  Then there's insurance... for our motorhome and our vehicle.  And there's vehicle inspections....  

And there is a sequence you have to work with because you need one thing done before you can do another....

More Mexican Blanket Flowers

Of course the line at the DMV is long...  we're only about 6 or 7 people back when we get there, but it still takes over an hour to get to the front.  And... sure enough...  the clerk put up her "Sorry, I'm closed" sign just as it's our turn.  But we did get a clerk who was knowledgeable and pleasant....  

We probably won't get this resident change done until we come back in the fall.  Next week we'll be heading east...  to visit family in Ohio, then on to Maine for the summer....

There are a lot of other "housekeeping" chores that we have to do before heading out....  

I'm sure we'll get them done...  
It just takes time....

I know a lot of people carry bird feeders with them when they travel. We have limited space in our bays, so I'm always looking for ways to store things more efficiently...  I found this bird feeder at Tractor Supply yesterday...

A collapsible bird feeder!
How Cool is THAT!

It says it's squirrel resistant...  wonder how it hold up under bear attack?

One last picture before I close...
The prickly pear cactus are blooming here and they are gorgeous!  It's hard to get too close because there are so many and are so close together.  But they are just so lovely!

Guess we need to head out and get some more errands done...

That's All For Today...


  1. Neat idea for a bird feeder. Glad you're back safe and sound. So enjoyed following your adventures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hmm...I might have to get me one of those collapsible bird feeders. :)

  3. That's a cool bird feeder. I haven't purchased any bird feeders yet because I have very small outside storage bins on my RV. Have a safe journey to the East coast.

  4. We bought that bird feeder and it is great for traveling! It is also nice and bright colored so we don't forget it! :))

  5. If you go to Maine in the summer you MUST come over to Campobello Island and see us. We would love to meet you. Bring your RV an stay.

  6. Oh, i LOVE those cactus pictures!! What kind of a camera do u have?? Not that it does ALL the work!!

  7. As we are having a good time here, we will miss Maine!!! Have a great summer, and safe travels. Tell all hello for us.

  8. I love your header photo!! I have never had more then two hummers together at my feeder and they usually fight as hummers do. They are beautiful little gems but nasty little buggers! ;-)

    I must keep an eye out for that collapsible feeder. It would be perfect to keep in our trailer!

  9. Those are lovely pictures. I'd say your travel bug in thriving and good for you. I just joined to follow your blog. It looks fun. It would be very nice to follow you on your travels, too. I have been to Kenai at least. Keep up the travels and blogging. Thanks.

  10. So you'll be Texans! Well, howdy neighbor!!

  11. Hey there! I'm blog hopping it appears and wanted to comment on your great pictures! And, of course, I have to say I love the little black kitty too!!! I've been looking at a couple of local Humane Society for a male black boy recently to adopt as a brother to our Mombi who you'll see if you check out my blog. I haven't been blogging recently since we are at home right now... Your blog is very interesting!!

    Safe travels!

  12. Maine for the summer!! Can't wait to read your posts, we loved it there and are looking forward to spending a summer there when we become full-time rv'ers.