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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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It's just not here today....

We're still here in Texas...   still doing "housekeeping" chores, which have absolutely nothing to do with cleaning the rig...  more like calling insurance companies, getting parts for our daughter's water pump and (Bill) installing them, filling deer feeders, buying a few bottles of wine (me)...  and just stuff in general.

We pick up the mower tires on Thursday, and have more or less projected Friday as our "get out of town" date.  (Cynthia, don't carve this in stone....  it's subject to change)...

Someone asked me recently what camera I use...  well, I use two cameras...  My Canon EOS Rebel is my "big" camera...  I have 3 lenses for it...  the 18-55, an 80-200, and a 70-300.  I never use the 80-200 and should sell it or something.  The 18-55 lens is excellent for flowers, bees etc (I bet a macro would do better...), but most often I use it with the 70-300 lens to shoot those birds that are way up in the trees.  This lens has an image stabilizer, which makes it possible for me to use it without using a tripod.

I'll be the first to admit that this camera is a lot smarter than I am.  I do not know how to use it to it's fullest capacity.  I use it mostly on automatic.  I paid over $350 to take a class from Jerry Groff at the Bosque del Apache NWR so I could learn more, but...  that was a real bust!  The class was only about going out on the refuge and getting in the right position to shoot the cranes.  Heck, I'd been doing that since 2001!  That wasn't what I needed.  I wrote a letter to the refuge but didn't get so much as a reply...  so much for that!

Okay, moving on....  I also use my little Canon PowerShot SX230.  This little guy has a 14Xzoom lens, fits in my shirt pocket, isn't heavy...  takes really good shots.  It's limitations are of course "distance"....  meaning it doesn't do well with that hawk that's across the field...  also it doesn't do very well with close-ups.  It has a whole range of settings...  some I use... some I don't know how.

It's the one I carry around to museums, churches and places I'd like to be somewhat discreet...

The both have their place...  I love them both.  The only thing about the little Canon is that it doesn't have a "viewfinder".  Most cameras just don't have that anymore.  I really miss that because it's hard for me to see the screen when I'm outside.  

A really bad picture of the Desert Willow tree in flower... 

You can see that my little Canon has trouble getting a good focus on close-up shots...

Just a word about the Desert Willow...
I first encountered this tree in New Mexico.  I was just fascinated because the flowers look like orchids.  I haven't done any research on it, so don't know if it's native.

Today, while out geocaching, we came across this tree.  So it grows in Texas as well.  It's a really beautiful tree and I was happy to come across it again.

As I started out...  not anything exciting today.  One thing though... if any of you volunteer at a NWR...  and receive a stipend...  could you let me know if this is a taxable "wage" now?  In other words, do you receive a 1099 at the end of the year?

I'd sure appreciate any input on this subject.

That's All For Today....


  1. That's fine. Housekeeping and duties make the rest of the time more fun. Love the Desert Willow pictures, pink so nice. And the wonderful humming birds at feeder. Who said this is not interesting?

  2. I agree about the optical viewfinder. Hate trying to look at the screen in bright light. I use my baby camera more than my Nikon buy I promised myself I was going to use the big one more this year. My little Panasonic has a macro setting that gets pretty good closeups.

  3. I too can't seem to get into using the screen instead of a viewfinder. Guess I will stick with my present little Canon for portability--it has a viewfinder. While in Best Buy with my DIL yesterday I browsed through the cameras--none of the small point and shoot Canons had viewfinders!! My bigger Canon also has a viewfinder.

  4. I've yet to find a good class that is camera-specific. Most of the small cameras, like big lenses, have a minimum focal distance ... check your manual to see what it is, and if you want to get closer than that, try the macro feature of the camera (usually without zooming), but both the subject and you have to be very, very steady.

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