Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, May 11, 2012

Manana does not mean "tomorrow"

We have found that "manana" really means...  "not today"

I'm kind of a black and white kind of person...  gray areas are hard for me to understand ...  and sometimes hard to accept.  I can't tell you how many times I've read a street sign that says something like "Really Fantastic Museum...  Turn Here" and even shows an arrow.  I turn...  only to find out that I've turned a street or two too early.

When I'm geocaching, I really expect that cache to be located at ground zero.

Maybe it's because I did payroll and accounts payable for so many years...  balancing bank statements of over a million dollars to the penny each month was fun and actually kind of satisfying.  I'm just that kind of person....

We had plans yesterday that included picking up mower tires in Stephenville...  about 25 miles down the road.  We'd dropped them off last week to be filled with foam (no more flats on the mower!)...  and were told we could pick them up on Thursday.  Yesterday was Thursday so in the late afternoon, off we went.  Got there...  not done...  be ready tomorrow.

Blogs should have a few pictures...  this has nothing to do with my "main" topic...  But it's so colorful I figured I'd just include it....
 Here's dinner...  lamb and veggie kabobs...  been marinating all day...  ready for the grill....

Okay..  back to the topic...  so today we'll head back to Stephenville to pick them up.

Bill started to fix the wiring on the tow vehicle yesterday...  we've had some problems with the turn signal not working.  Bill can fix anything!  Well, it turns out that it's a little more complicated.  He fixed the problem on the rig's end...  but it seems the wiring for our tow lights on our little Scion needs replaced...  

So...   while we were in Stephenville, we stopped at a NAPA store and he bought a long length of new wire.

 Off the grill...   and ready to eat!

We had originally thought we'd be leaving our daughter's place today...  that the mower would be "lawn-ready" for her again, and that the rig would be "road-ready"...

Not so....  manana...

I retired over 16 years ago...  probably one of the hardest adjustments I made was to NOT live on a schedule.  Oh, I still wear a wristwatch...  I'm never late for an appointment...  I haven't missed a flight or anything.  But Bill & I both have become very flexible in our daily life.  As long as it doesn't inconvenience someone else, we're up for change... even if it means putting the dinner I have ready in the fridge and going out to eat with friends at a moment's notice.  We've arrived at a volunteer job expecting to do one thing and then find we'll be doing something totally different. We're flexible....

Bill's out working on the lights as I write...  we'll drive down to pick up the tires after lunch.So we're not leaving Texas today...  manana....


This dinner didn't have to wait another day...  we scarfed it down as soon as it came off the grilll...

And there are no leftovers for manana...

That's all for Today...


  1. Great post - I digested every word - nothing left over!! I'm still seeing those bright and colorful kabobs and it's making me hungry. Hasta Mañana!

  2. I love the concept of mañana. Unless I am the one waiting.

  3. Ah yes, I'm a firm believer that most anything can wait til another day.

  4. I don't eat lutefisk or lambs or bunnies either. Actually, I find that the older I get the less interested I am in eating meat and the more I like veggies. Your kabobs look like they'd be just a good without the meat! Of course, I still get a craving for a burger every once in a while...

  5. This is a great family get together treat at our house. We always had to make a skewer or two with beef for my aunt, who never, ever tased the marinated lamb because she didn't like lamb.

  6. I forgot to ask about the foam filled tires. Never heard of that but seems it would be a good idea for my garden cart, wheelbarrow, etc. Can you email me some info??

  7. We also have to make the effort to accept that not everyone is as precise with a schedule. We've recently learned to always add "mas o menos" (more or less) to "mañana"!

  8. When is your birthday--you sound like me! I have relaxed a little in retirement, still wear a watch, refuse to be late, etc. My husband has broken my habit of having to have reservations. Your dinner looks delicious!

  9. What a delicious looking dinner, so colorful.

  10. What a delicious looking colorful!!

  11. Manana can be an agitation but you are living it well. Love the kabobs. Wish I was there to share. Yum.

  12. I came to your blog today to see if you were traveling yet. It is good to be flexible, I'm sure your daughter enjoys having you around for a few more days.