Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just Checking In....

Greetings!  Not much going on here.  We had thought we'd head for Ohio about mid-week, but as often happens, plans get changed.  We're still at Glen Rose, TX.  Our son-in-law is currently working in Nigeria and will be away for a few more months.  Our daughter works full-time so Bill is trying to get some maintenance done before we head out.  Even things like getting a flat tire on the lawn mower fixed can be time consuming.  He replaced the pump on the water feature this morning.  Bill is one of those people who can do anything...  even if it's electric, plumbing, automotive or woodworking!  We always tell the kids to have a list ready when we come for a visit...  

I forgot to show you the newest member of the family here.  

Introducing..... Frankenstein...
Our granddaughter works at the nearest Lowe's.  A feral cat had kittens next to the dumpster in the back.  Mama cat apparently tried to move the kittens and 2 got left behind.
Natalie rescued this one...  someone else took the other.
Of course he's a feisty little guy... hisses, spits, bites and claws!  He's already been to the Vet...  got his first shots etc.  I think the next trip there he gets tested for feline leukemia.
He's quite a bit tamer now and not nearly as skittish.  The family cat doesn't like him, but the 2 dogs have gotten used to him.  In fact, Rylie, the little mop-like dog plays with him - even tries to drag him around.  Frankie doesn't seem to mind...  actually, I think he gives as well as he gets!

The wildflowers that were blooming when we left at the end of March have long since died off.  Now, the first week in May, a whole array of different species are in bloom.
This yucca is past its prime, but is still an outstanding plant.  I've found out that in this climate you just don't wait for tomorrow to take photos of flowers...  the nearly 100 degree temps do not encourage a long blooming season!

Even the prickly pear cactus flowers last only a short time.  

My Peterson Field Guide to Southwestern and Texas Wildflowers hasn't been much help when I try to identify some of these flowers.  I can get the family ....  but often can't pinpoint the exact species or sub-species.  I wish my Newcomb's Wildflower Guide covered more than the eastern US.

One Flower I'm sure you'll all recognize is...
Okay, so these are made of metal...  Celeste has some really cute lawn ornaments and is always adding to her collection.  
She has a huge lawn but I have no doubt that one day she'll have the whole thing totally landscaped to suit her!

There were a whole lot of new geocaches hidden in the Granbury area in the month we were away.  Yesterday I headed into town to see what I could find.

I actually ran into 4 other cachers ....  we were all looking for the same caches.  I met "Tubby the Clown"....
I don't know what her "real" name is, but she told me she's a professional clown and often performs at local functions.  
I don't really keep up with new geocache stuff, but she told me that now there are "challenges".    And there is a challenge posted locally...  have Tubby the Clown make a balloon animal for you, get your picture taken with it (and her)...  and when you post it you get credit for this challenge.

Well, never let it be said that I'd pass up a challenge..
The above picture is me and Tubby holding a little green balloon turtle that she made.

How cute is that!

I did find 5 of the new caches yesterday...  Maybe before we leave I'll get out to go caching again.

I haven't seen many birds...  did see a roadrunner a couple of times, and a wild turkey twice...  We're hoping that the painted buntings come through before we leave.  

The martin house remains empty...  not sure about the bluebird houses....  

So...  no bird pictures this time. 

Tomorrow we plan to drive to the Cabela's in Ft Worth..  also the Barnes & Noble...

It will be a busy week...

That's All For Today.....


  1. Frank's a cutie! We adopted a feral kitten. 7 years later, she's a beautiful, loving cat, but knows nothing about sleeping in a lap. I miss having a lap cat.

  2. Frankenstein! I sure he ain't living up to his name, but he is cute!

  3. Cute kitten, sometimes its hard to train a feral cat. I like all kinds of flowers, even if I can't name them.

  4. Nice Hummingbirds photo !!! Love the little Frankenstein kitty !!

  5. I love the name Frankenstein for the kitty!

  6. You say the family cat wants nothing to do with the kitten. It seems to me that there is nothing a cat finds more interesting than another cat, and that goes double for a kitten. I'm betting the cat will take a shine to Frankenstein pretty soon. I get the sense that you're getting antsy to get on the move again!

  7. It started snowing this evening here in Alamosa, Colorado!