Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Quiet Week Up on the Ridge

We were busy last week...  we try to pack as much into a week as we can...  visiting family and friends, and Bill always does stuff around the rentals...
He bought a new battery for his tractor recently....
So he worked on the driveway...  filling in holes, knocking off the high spots.

Yesterday he parked the tractor back in the barn.

My friends Rhonda, Jean and me.
We all worked at O'Bleness Hospital for many years.  
Jean & I are retired, Rhonda now works at another job.
Usually we have a 4th person, Mimi, join us, but this year that didn't work out.
But we had our annual "lunch for the girls" day.
Always fun to catch up on everyone's life.
Jean took this picture with her iPhone.  I asked a passerby to use my camera to take one...  he did... but it wasn't in focus.

To get to our property on Scatter Ridge, you drive through Strouds Run State Park.  The county road winds alongside the lake for about a mile, before heading up to the ridge.
There is a side road that takes you over to the beach area.
I took this photo last week...  the trees have changed quite a bit since then.
I'm reading a lot about photo enhancement etc.  This pic I just straightened and cropped.  Colors are as they were.
Another view of Dow Lake...

Such a variety of species...  each contributing their own unique color and shape to the picture.

One last shot of the lake.
Years ago I kept a canoe here.  It's not a big lake....  just the right size to paddle around in peace.

The weather has changed in the week or so we've been here.  This morning it is 44 degrees.  No frost yet, but that's in the near future.

Yesterday we got the rig ready for the road again.  
Today we'll start our road trip to Texas.

We don't have a specific route in mind....  
We might head over to Cincinnati, then over to Louisville...  then over to .........
Or...  maybe the Natchez Trace....
Guess we'll get to Texas eventually.....

We've had terrible internet service here.  In fact, I haven't been able to post a blog for the past week.  Barely been able to read other blogs and couldn't post comments at all.

Well, it's almost time to unplug the electric....
Better close and finish putting things away.

That's All For Today!


  1. Safe travels whatever route you take. :)

  2. The Natchez Trace is a wonderful drive!!! We missed the fall leaves this year.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the fall colours!

  4. Your header photo show lots of goldenrod. We had a bumper year of the stuff and it was everywhere! I'm so glad I'm not allergic to it!

  5. Safe travels to you and thanks for sharing the beautiful fall pictures.

  6. Ah, such beauty... and the scenery pictures are nice too!

  7. I love the fall pics and I especially love the pic of you, Mom, and Rhonda! Thanks for posting it!