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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ohio to Texas - On the Road - Day Four

Thursday, October 11

We had stayed the night at the Wal-Mart at New Boston, Texas...  just off  I 30, so getting on the road was easy.  I found a dime in the parking lot before we left ....  figured that gave us good luck for the day.

We headed west...  but got off I 30 at Greenville.  Our daughter lives near Glen Rose, which is 50 miles or so southwest of Ft Worth.  We don't like driving through Dallas or Ft Worth, decide to drive on Rt 380 which is north of the cities...  through McKinney and over to Denton.  I'm thinking that we have around 200 miles to drive today...  but we soon learn that the going will be a bit slow due to both heavy traffic and construction.

Although it's overcast, the most we get are occasional sprinkles in the morning.

 We're not even in traffic here...  parked at a roadside rest and the trucker on the right stopped, hopped out of his truck and made a dash for the men's room.  We weren't in nearly the hurry he was, and it didn't take him long to take care of business and move on down the road.

This route takes us past a huge racetrack...
 As we're coming up to it I say to Bill... "Hey, there's a big cemetery right next to the track...  how creepy is THAT?"

Bill patiently explained to me that I was looking at the parking lot for the racetrack and seeing "jersey barrier like" things marking the parking rows.  RATS!  Here I thought that cataract surgery went so well.....  

We had plenty of time to get to our daughter's house before anyone got home from work, so we stopped at the Cabela's store that is just northwest of Ft Worth.

I know a lot of you have some kind of GPS road pilot.  We use our Garmin quite a lot and "she" usually does us just fine.  
I put in the address for the Cabela's store and as we got close, "she" started giving directions.  
Now...  Cabela's is pronounced "Ka... bell.... la", but someone forgot to tell our direction lady that and she kept saying "".  It took me a minute to figure it out (but then, hey... I thought those were tombstones) and of course I had to mimic "her".

Yeah...  we've had the XM radio on all day....  and after 4 days in a row of earthy songs I'm getting kinda punchy....
Have you heard "Pour me another tequilla, Sheila, and take off that red satin dress"?  Maybe not quite the right words, but it's a right catchy tune.  I especially like the way it ends ;-)

Oh yes... back to Cabela's
I think I've mentioned in the past that this is one of my favorite shopping places.  
Beats Macy's or Dillards all to heck....
It's right up there with Tractor Supply for my kind of clothes.

I restrained myself and only bought 2 pair of socks.  Bill didn't buy anything.  When we were checking out, the clerk commented that we must have a lot of self-discipline. 
Obviously he doesn't live in a 27' motorhome....

There was an unusual amount of 18 wheelers in the parking lot.  I mean, Cabela's isn't exactly the normal roadside rest. 
Then we saw this RV...
We'd seen this same rig somewhere else between Ohio and Texas...  just couldn't remember which state nor which roadside rest...  

Being the nosy person that I am, I suggested we walk over and just say howdy.

The man inside told us all about it...
There was going to be a truck show in this parking lot this coming weekend.  He recruits drivers for a trucking company.
He is retired, but does this for a friend...  He'd left Indiana (or was it Illinois?) a few days earlier and sure enough, we'd been driving the same route all the way to Texas.
The side of his rig rolls up to reveal a huge TV screen and he does his recruiting presentations outside.

He said that his company hires drivers for a minimum of a 3-week haul.  That's a long time for a family man or woman to be away.

I forgot to mention that as we walked up to the door of his rig, we were greeted by a lot of barking...
this guy travels with his schnauzer and 2 shih tzus.
No kidding!

Anyway, we had a fun visit with him and then headed on down the road.

Getting past Ft Worth and into Ben Brook went well...  then on to Cresson...  and into Granbury.

Almost there!

Another 10 miles or so and we're in Celeste's driveway.
We get set up..
Celeste has a full-hook up space at the edge of her yard.
Our granddaughter is home and greets us with Frankie, the (now grown) cat that was a tiny kitty when we were here in May.

Celeste will be home from work later.

I'd underestimated the mileage left to go...  today was a travel distance of 267 miles.

Four Days and 1,253 miles 
This road trip is over...

Guess we're ready for our next adventure.

That's All For Today!


  1. Wishing you a wonderful visit and a nice rest from the road!

  2. Thanks for a great drive - I enjoyed it! Can't say I've ever heard the song "Pour me another tequilla, Sheila, and take off that red satin dress", but it does have catchy lyrics so I'll have to listen for it!

  3. I like road trips on the way to somewhere. So much to see!

    When I was about 10 I came inside and told my mother there was an elephant in the road down the street. She went out to look, and it was two boys playing ball.

    That's when I got glasses.

    When I got my first cataract removed this spring, I was amazed that the world around me was in 3D. I hadn't even noticed it was missing.

  4. So much to see on the highways! I was driving through Tennessee once, on the way to a friend's home. It was dark and the road was absolutely deserted. Then the stream of headlights commenced, in the opposite direction. Hundreds and hundred. I was the only vehicle the other direction. Was there a problem? Was this a mass evacuation? Should I go back their way? Nothing was reported on the radio. I soldiered on for miles, but in doubt of what I would find. Then a highway sign: greyhound racing track next exit. And I joined the traffic going home the other direction.

  5. Wow, there's no end to the neat things you see!!

  6. Well I must admit.. I for one was laughing at the Cemetery..cause knowing me who likes to read tombstones I would have been taken back...LOL..think I might think over having my cataract surgery...a little longer..I can still see (it seems)better than you made my day there woman !

    God Bless and enjoy your visit

    Zeee and Critters 3

  7. You are putting in some long days on the road. It's a good thing you love it! When I had XM for a short time, I got a good laugh when I heard a song on the kids station, "Did you see where the cat threw up, where the cat threw up again".

  8. Ugh! That's an awful lot of miles in four days. I bet you still feel like the rig is rolling along.

  9. Funny story about the "tombstones". A mistake any of us could have made, I'm sure! At least you had fun at Cabalas...errr Cabela's.