Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ohio to Texas - On the Road - Day Three

Wednesday, October 10

We got off on an earlier start this morning.  7am...

Traveled just a way down the road and decided to visit another National Wildlife Refuge... Wapanocca NWR, located a few miles off I55.

Heck, I can't even pronounce it...  But I'll tell you one thing...  if you visit here you better be prepared for the low clearance....  We're not that tall and still our various antennae scraped as we were going through this underpass...
It's kind of creepy going through this thing with the antennae dragging along the concrete "ceiling" and a freight train with numerous coal cars just above us.

The Headquarters/Visitor Center
These are contractors putting the finishing touches on the new displays.  There wasn't a "brown shirt" around...  the offices were empty.  I was disappointed that the Refuge Stamp wasn't available so I could stamp my wildlife refuge book.  We didn't stay long...  checked out the place and then it was back to the rig and on down the road.

Cotton Fields
Mile upon mile of cotton fields...

I'm used to seeing those huge bales of cotton...  those that are the size and shape of a "container" ....
huge, boxes that you see on railroad cars or in shipyards.

But this trip we see cotton harvested a different way...
That's cotton...  baled in those huge, round bales the way you see hay harvested.

We've been traveling on the west side of the Mississippi on I55.  A few years ago, we lived across the river, on the Tennessee side.  There is a complex of wildlife refuges that raise and manage farm crops for waterfowl. 
When we were at Lower Hatchie NWR in 2002 the Mississippi flooded and we went out in a motorboat through the fields instead of a truck.  I remember smacking cottonmouth snakes with a paddle to keep them from getting in the boat.
Oh, what memories!

We get off I 55 near Memphis and start our way over to Little Rock on I 40.

Since we spend more time in Texas than any other state a couple of years ago we changed our medical care to a practice in Granbury, TX.  It's time for my annual checkup and we know we'll be in the area soon.  I call for an appointment.
The receptionist says that they had a cancellation and could I get there by 11:20?
Well...  ummmm...  no.  We're on the road - just outside of Memphis, TN, and I was hoping maybe for next week.
Oh.. okay...  would Monday be okay?

Oh!  The wonders of cell phones and modern day technology!

Little Rock was easy to drive around....  
Despite construction and lots of truck traffic...

We still have the XM Radio tuned to the country/western station.
I've heard about a hundred ways you can get your heart broken...  I know all about love... unrequited or otherwise...
Bill tuned out my singing along many miles back...
But wait!
It gets better!
Hank (not junior) starts yodeling!
I've GOT to try that!
I think I sound like a chicken in distress...
(Bill probably wishes I were on the chopping block)
Yo - De - Lay - De - Deeeeeeeee
Hey!  Maybe I could make a living at this!

Finally we get to Texarkana - The town that's in two states
It takes a while to get through it all, but we know that this is the last big city until we get to the Dallas/Ft Worth area.
Yay!  Texas, at last!

We stop at the first exit in Texas that has a Wal-Mart...  New Boston.
It's been a long day for us...
354 miles
We're ready to call it quits...

And so ends Day Three of this journey.

That's All For Now!


  1. Chasing off cottonmouths with a paddle??? Not the kind of memory I want to keep around. lol I sing along in the truck and Jim has also learned to tune me out most of the time. You did put in a long day. But glad you've made it through the cities without any problems.

  2. I love country music....likely would have been vocalizing as well. My wife doesn't appreciate my vocalizing. Notice I didn't say singing. Wish we were on your trip.

  3. well I have to tell ya.. I tried that yodel too but mine was a Chocolate coated one with cream was good..see I learned along time ago..I can't yodel..but I can carry a tune..LOL yep my radio is portable LOL Love it.. enjoying your journey to mine will begin on Tuesday as we head to Florida for the winter...keeping my wings from freezing..hopefully ...God Bless Zeee and Critters 3

  4. I had XM for a trial period in my car and I was impressed with the huge number of stations they offered.
    I really don't spend enough time in my car to make it worth the expense. With all the miles you travel each day, I can see why you enjoy it so much! Satellite radio and cell phones have made life so very convenient--now if only there was a less expensive fuel!

  5. Too bad the Wapanocca NWR was disappointing. Maybe next year. It looks like the unerpass was two lanes, at least. On a good day. We drove one often in my childhood that was one lane, and the road met at right angles under it.

  6. Drive Friendly - The Texas Way?? I doubt many Texans have read that! I think they are some of the craziest drivers around.

  7. Is that low clearance road the only way to get to the NWR? I guess they don't get too many RV volunteers. I think most 5th wheels and class A's are a lot taller than our class C RV's. Your husband is a saint for not complaining about your singing and yodeling, but I'm sure it makes the trip go faster for you.

  8. Boy, u are alot more 'hardy' than i am, to be smacking snakes with an oar!!!