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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ohio to Texas - On the Road - Day 1

Monday, October 8
We did most of the "packing" yesterday.  Since we live in our motorhome 365 days a year, we really don't have much actual packing, but when we make our annual (or sometimes semi-annual) stops in Ohio where we have stuff stored, we tend to trade off some things like field guides, clothing and things like that.  

Bill always does various maintenance jobs on the rentals while we are here...  anything from fixing mudholes in the driveway to pruning trees to digging up bulbs that need separated.  Our rental agent takes very good care of our properties, but these are just little things that Bill likes to do.  So he keeps tools and other equipment in the barn to use while we're here.

So we took the time on Sunday to do put away and clean up...  did nearly everything except unhook our rig from the water and electric supply and hook up the tow vehicle.

While we hadn't had the first frost yet, it's still cold...  in fact, I have on a wool turtle neck sweater under a heavy wool fisherman knit sweater... and those are topped by a down vest.  I think it was 39 degrees, but that's too cold for me.

The township and county roads we travel to get into town are narrow and winding, so I'll drive the Scion; Bill will drive the rig.  We agree to meet at the Kroger parking lot where Bill will fill the rig up with gas and I'll make a quick stop at the grocery for last minute items before we hitch up.

I'm ahead of Bill....  I stop at the State Park to put a small bag of garbage in the dumpster.  I take a last look at the lake..  and think about how cold it is.  Oh No!  I forgot to take the outdoor thermometer from its cubby hole in the propane gas area.  RATS!

I know Bill will be along soon so I wait and flag him down...  Yep!  It's still there.  Bill had the foresight to velco it in place, but that's no guarantee it'll stay put on these bumpy roads.  

On to Krogers....  I do my shopping...  Bill gasses up the rig....

The view across from Krogers...
The leaves are in their prime "autumn" colors!

There are several ways you can drive from Ohio to Texas, and we've probably driven most of them over the years.  This time we're going to drive Rt 32 to Cincinnati,  This route isn't heavily traveled, and there are certain landmarks along the way I always look for.
I've NEVER been able to get a decent shot of this guy who sits on a fence post and waves at all the passing traffic!!!!

Somewhere along here, we're at least an hour from "home"...  Bill says, "I forgot my drill".

Having the barn to store things has its drawbacks as well as its pluses.  It's easy to set something down and leave it.

I ask him if it's plugged in on "charge".
No, it's not...  that's good.
It can be replaced at any Home Depot or Lowe's.

On we go....

We stop often...  there's a roadside rest before we get into the Cincinnati area.  We always stop there.

We don't need to use the restrooms but we both need to get out and walk after a while.  Besides that, there may be a geocache hidden there.

During lunch, I ask Bill if he brought the Melrose Apples that he'd got at the Farmer's Market.  He looks at me...  asks "Is it too late to go back?".  Of course he's joking...  but no, he didn't remember the apples.

We have a check list for the rig, and I have my lists of things...  but...  
Sometimes we just forget things....

When we're leaving we cross to the median to get back in traffic, then Bill is in the left lane until he can get back in the right lane.  There was no visible traffic when he pulled out, but about this time a car come flying past us on the right... and the driver is just laying on the horn.

I flip him the bird knowing full well that he can't see me.

There's something a bit undignified about a 70 year old great-grandmother flipping someone the bird, and I start laughing.

Bill never lets traffic rile him, nor does my language or gestures phase him...  he just drives on.

We don't actually have to drive into Cincinnati, but as we're on the outer belt I look over and see what is probably the Goodyear Blimp.

Not long after this, we cross the Ohio River into Kentucky...
We'll cross the Ohio River at least 2 more times before this trip is over, but I always feel a bit lonesome the first time.  Kind of like I'm leaving a good friend behind.

We have XM Radio.  XM Radio has a fairly large selection of music, but we almost always listen to country/western.
My preference is Chopin or a lovely adagio, but for a road trip, a raunchy "she done him wrong" song seems to be in order.

It's Willy and Waylon and Hank....
Lots of "cry in my beer" songs.

We drive down into Kentucky and are pleasantly surprised to find that the route around Louisville is fast and easy.

The fall leaves are beautiful...
I especially like the contrast between the species...
The terrain is not exactly mountainous...  more rolling and hilly.  I do finally shed the down vest...  and eventually the heavy sweater, but I still wear the wool turtleneck all day.

Finally we cross back over the Ohio River into Indiana...
We'll get onto I64 and go west.
We stop around 4pm at a Wal-Mart in Corydon, Indiana.

As is often the case, there's a geocache hidden in the Wal-Mart parking lot - and we find it - so I am happy.

As is also the case, when we are just "traveling from point A to point B" we stay in Wal-Mart parking lots for the night.  
Not exactly "free" if you add up what all we spend along the way.  But it's safe and usually "easy off and easy on" the interstates.

We have traveled 284 miles today.
That is a long day for us...  we travel at 55mph, take frequent breaks and a long lunch.

So concludes Day One of our travels.
The rest is yet to come....

All For Today!


  1. Oh the fall colors are gorgeous!! Right now, in Sugar Land, TX, it's 75 degrees at 9:16pm. Tonight's low, 72. Tomorrows high, 89.

  2. Gorgeous fall colors! Save travelling!

  3. I'm envious of those fall colours. We do get them in Southern Ontario, but not here in Austria. Just sort of yellow or brown. Boring.
    Maybe the temperature doesn't drop fast enough? Not sure.
    Safe travels.

  4. The fall colours are just stunning!!

  5. Hooray for the good luck Goodyear blimp! Safe travels. Safe home.

  6. HAHAHA! Flipping the bird keeps you young. If he'd known a 70-year-old great-grandmother was giving him the finger, he'd have straightened up for sure.