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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today's Post... Can't think of a title...

This is NOT going to be Part 2 in becoming a Texan, except for one sentence that explains why we're doing it.  Taxes!  Is that a sentence?  Texas doesn't have income tax, which is to our benefit, and (if we don't spend it all) to our heir's benefit when we kick off.  There are actually a few other benefits... like lower sales tax if/when we ever buy another motorhome....  stuff like that...

But that's all for another blog and I know Part 2 won't be a pretty picture when it comes along in a week or so.

We've been busy here....  Bill does a lot of things around our daughter's house.  Our son-in-law works out of the country for months at a time, and Bill enjoys fixing things and making sure everything works in good order.

Taking out the trash...
Yeah...  that's little Rylee riding on the 4-wheeler with Bill.

We don't have any pets, so we get to spoil our kid's pets when we visit....

Grandpa, won't you throw my frisbee for me?
Jack loves Bill and will sit outside our door and wait for him.  He's like a little kid waiting for his playmate to come out and play.  You can tell by how chewed up the frisbee is that it gets a lot of use.

Jack's funny...  he wants Bill to throw it, but he never wants to turn loose of it.  So Bill uses 2 frisbees....  he throws one and when Jack come back with it (and won't give it up) Bill throws the 2nd one and Jack drops his and away he runs!

We were at Tractor Supply today (no, I wasn't buying my fall wardrobe) and we walked into a dog obedience class...
The store conducts these classes throughout the year.
As I was walking by, the trainer asked me if I would help out.  I was to walk up to each dog owner, reach out and shake their hand and introduce myself.  (the dog was to stay sitting and ignore me completely).  Of course I couldn't resist asking if they bite...  and also if the dog bites?

These dogs have been in training for a while...  one guy said his has been in obedience school for 2 years.
Actually, out of the dozen or so dogs, only a couple were even interested in me.  I did happen to notice that a couple had muzzles on (see the heeler in the corner?)...   It was kind of a fun thing to do.

As a "thank you" to me, the trainer gave me a Tractor Supply neckerchief (see the red "bandana" on the brown dog?) to take home to my own dog.

Since we don't have a dog of our own....
I gave it to my all-time favorite critter!
(Okay folks, you can stop those cracks about Bill going to Obedience School)

I've been having a lot of fun geocaching lately.  One fun thing for me is just seeing the countryside.
I'm always looking at the landscape, the ranches, farms and farm animals, and the houses....

Such a variety of styles....
Everything from the little "fixer-upper" 

This Castle being built on this hill!

I can't imagine what this would be like to live in (the view from any and all windows is outstanding!).  But then, neither can I imagine the utility bills, the maintenance and the upkeep!

Guess we'll stay in our motorhome....

A few days ago, Rick, up in BC, was wandering around in a pumpkin patch and came across his old friend Russ, lounging around on one of the benches.

We all got a chuckle out of the good-natured kidding that went on over that.

Well, I have a few "Donna"s in my life.  My own daughter is Donna...  and when I started blogging, the first blogger I met was Donna of the Cave Dwellers.  She became Donna C to me.  Almost immediately, I got all kinds of kind words and support from another Donna...  Donna K (who happens to be Russ's wife). 

Yesterday when out and about I came across this...
Hmmmm....  I bet Donna K got tired of Russ sitting on that bench instead of getting out there to catch those catfish for her restaurant.

But, what the heck...  they moved to Oregon and lived happily ever after...

What more could a person ask for?

That's All For Today!


  1. So, you're going to become a Texan because of the Taxin? (of lack thereof, huh?) You did find a nice accessory for Bill's wardrobe during your trip to the Tractor store. Looks good on him, too. You have a good eye (I'm sure he thinks so, too!) Thanks for sharing the sign. We wondered what happened to that place. It was here, and then with all the rain and all it must have washed away. Nice to know it's still in one piece. And always remember, I'm not a dummy! (In spite of what my friends might say!)

  2. Look at those ears on Jack. So cute. My Scooter flunked obedience school. The instructor told me that doxies are notorious for disobedience. She was right. I think you should buy that castle and we'll all come visit you to see the view.

  3. I like Bill with the scarf and hat - looks like a real farmer (or cowboy!). Thanks for finding my restaurant. While I love deep fried catfish, if it was mine, it would most likely be Donna K's enchiladas LOL! Great sign. May I steal your image?

  4. Okay, I think Rick has started something. Sure hope I can contribute.

    Interesting assignment in Tractor Supply. Hard to quit being a volunteer, eh?

  5. You seem to be the kind of gal that folks take to easily. That's why you were asked to help with the dog training class. That speaks very well of you!

  6. You got 'volunteered', almost like being in the service!!
    I think that the Heeler was wearing a head leash, not a muzzle.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

  7. LOVE the Windmill in your Header. This was a fun and humorous post, and I really enjoyed it. I find it quite pleasant to visit your blog!

  8. Jack sure is a cutie. How smart to use two frisbees. I'll have to try that. I love Tractor Supply but I never knew obedience school took place there. Wonder if they can help me with Ken!