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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Rainy Day Blog

What does a person do on a rainy day?  Well, we DID go to class this morning...  it wasn't raining when we walked to school, but during our break. (11:15 -11:45) we (our class and several others) walk about a block to the closest bar/cafe.  Everyone but me has coffee.  I'll have to take a picture of the coffee...  not much bigger than a shot glass and looks like it could get up and walk out on its own.  Anyway, in that short walk, I got soaked again...  my pants dried by 1:30 (time to go home) but my socks were still kind of squishy.  It had quit raining by then, but the damage was done.

We had lunch as soon as we got back to the B&B...  delicious, as usual.  Again... I should be taking photos of the meals that Rosa and Carlo fix.  Traditional home-cooked meals.

Not sure whether we'll go out later this afternoon (it's 3:15 but that's early by Seville time) so I haven't been out to take any photos today.  I probably should study...  we'll see.....

These are all photos I took yesterday afternoon.  This guy hangs out in the window of this store...
He's often sitting there watching everyone walk by on the sidewalk.  This is an art gallery..  or actually, I believe it's more of a frame shop.  I've never been inside but I look for the perro on my way home.

A couple of days ago I included a couple photos of my favorite street "entrepreneur".  He was out selling crackers again yesterday......
You just gotta admire him for his imagination!
He doesn't just stand on a corner with a cardboard sign asking for a handout...  he is quite the entertainer.
We didn't buy his crackers but we did add a little to his till.  Afterall, I do take his picture all the time ;-)

After our trip to the supermercado in the afternoon, we came back to the B&B until around 8pm.
That's when the restaurants open for dinner.

Most evenings we eat in our room, but the weather was kind of crappy so we decided to go to a tapa bar.
You are often served a dish of olives or some other "hors d'oeuvres" while waiting for your order.
 These carrots...  marinated in garlic, herbs and olive oil were delicious!  We sopped up the remaining oil with crusty bread.  UmmmUmmm!

We really weren't very hungry so ordered "montaditos"  (little sandwich)
 These were salmon and cheese on a  bolillo (small bread roll)
They were served with a few french fries...  but the fries were more like fried potatoes than the french fries we're used to.
Quite tasty....

Of course we walked around the plaza a bit before heading home.  Bill has been eyeing the ice cream store (actually, it may be yogurt, not ice cream) and finally gave into his love of the stuff.
Left...  he's making his choice...
Right...  Eating his cup of chocolate banana frozen yogurt.

He probably won't indulge very often as that cup he's holding cost a bit over $5 American dollars.

We headed home...  the rain had quit, but the plaza was fairly empty.  Usually it is full of people of all ages.

This morning we woke to overcast skies...  and... as I started this blog... it's been a rainy day.

We'll all be happy to see the sun shine again!

And...  Happy Birthday to our daughter, Michelle, who lives near Pittsburgh, PA.  Hope you have a great day!

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  1. My wife has a lactose intolerance and can not eat ice cream, but she can eat frozen yogurt. Go figure? I prefere Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. . .

  2. I had this picture in my mind of you singing in the rain ....sortta like Gene Kelley.....seriously, nothing is worse that squishy socks!

    That is quite a character you keep getting pictures of...he always looks happy!

  3. I have to say that I don't have a big urge to travel in other countries, but following you here makes me want to get there soon. It looks so lovely and friendly. Have an ice cream for me while you are there.

  4. yeah, I agree squishy socks... not good. BUt the marinated carrots? jeeez that looks good along with that crusty bread business? love that kinda stuff..

    and well, not to mention frozen yogurt ... that looked like a gelato case ... looks like they make it fresh daily ~ chocolate banana ~ yum. Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey .. ahhhh ~ been on sugar addiction rehab now going on SEVENTEEN days... but I do love their chocolate and banana Chunky Monkey ... sniff

    hahaa love Bill's expression ~ men are ..,. seriously when they're at their most precious ... little boys eating ice cream. ain't they cute.

  5. I'd have more interest in the carrots and bread than ice cream. I can take or leave ice cream, and for that price I'd leave it. :)

  6. The carrots look and sound delicious! I believe I'd take them over the ice cream as well! LOL

  7. Oh Judy, have you ever tried Blue Bell homemade vanilla???

    Sharon, that street guy looks like he makes enough money to keep him in costumes!!!

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  9. You give a fine lesson everyday. The food looks great.

  10. That entertainer sure looks neat & clean, even down to his pristine shoes! And what a great smile he has too. Looks like a fun filled day, except for the rain drenching.