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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Streets of Sevilla

I received a comment the other day about my use of Seville/Sevilla.  Seville is the English spelling - Sevilla is the Spanish.  As so much of my language these days is a mix of the two (with a little "French" added in now and then... as "excuse my French") that I'm bad about mixing up my spelling as well.

Classes are going okay...  but I often feel that I'm going one step forward and two steps back.  While I get a little frustrated at the time, truth is, I get over it quickly and learn what I can.  This isn't a "do or die" situation...  and if I learn even a little I'll be happy.
Besides that...  I'm having a wonderful time wandering the streets and seeing the sights... and eating the food!

After lunch today, Bill & I decided to go for a walk to find a couple of places ....

First stop was...
 The Book Store!
We'd bought a dictionary here a few days ago and I wanted to check out some other books.  This time the store was practically empty, so shopping was much easier.

This one is for all the Donna's I know...  especially my beautiful daughter, Donna Davies
My daughter, Donna, would love the clothes here....  and this month are the big sales.  WoooHoooo...  hmmm...  maybe I should have brought an empty suitcase?

Along the streets we're now seeing flower vendors...
 I don't see the big displays in the stores for Valentine's Day and I wonder how big a holiday it is here.  Of course, in the States, Valentine's Day nets the biggest sales of the year for the flower shops.

The shops were open today, so I slipped into this shop... 
 I checked out the prices of these Flamenco dresses...
WOW!  The "cheapest" ones were over 350 euros.  Those were the ones without a lot of fancy decorations.  Some of the dresses I looked at were so exquisite they'd make a wedding dress look plain.  No... I didn't buy any...

We saw this familiar sight parked along the curb....
It's always kind of fun to see something familiar... even if it IS just a UPS truck.  A couple years ago we were in Venice and saw a UPS boat (much like the gondola we were riding in) crossing the waters there.  Guess they really are world wide!

One purpose of our walk was to find the theater where we're going Saturday to see the Flamenco performance.
 We found it...  even went inside and saw the seating and stage.  I'm really excited about going to that.  We've seen a couple of performances in the States, so this will be very special.

As we turned back towards home, we saw these kids as they were leaving school...
 Notice that the girls are all in uniform?
Notice, too, how many of them are using their cell phones!
My goodness...  don't they ever put those darned things down????

We walked the path along the river...
 This afternoon the weather turned quite nice.  Look at how many of these young folks are carrying their jackets.  This bike/walking path is such a pleasant place.  You can lounge about, watch the boats on the water, enjoy your friends...  whatever.  Several folks were playing guitars and singing.  
Very Nice!

We walked the path to the Isabel Bridge....
Then walked under the bridge, and up the steps to the main sidewalk where we then crossed this bridge.  Our place is about a 5 minute walk from those towers on the right.

It's 7:30pm already...  we had dinner in our room this evening...
cheese, bread, cured meats (chorizo, etc...  not hard and tough like jerky but more like pepperoni), olives, and a glass of wine.

It's time to study...  got to be ready for class tomorrow.

That's All For today!


  1. What a wonderful time you're having and opportunity!! TOO Much Fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing your walk. The flowers are so pretty!

  3. Oh how I would love to have a pair of castanets, especially if they are hardwood (chestnut). Ole'

  4. Love the UPS truck! Just like home. I'm sure you're having such a wonderful time.

  5. Ahhhh nice walk today, Sharon. Glad to see it's not just the US teenagers with their heads stuck in a cell phone! Love the flamenco colors in the dresses.

    and ooooh, that park by the river with the music and lying about ~ love it.

  6. AHA! You found my dress shop - but I'll gladly share it with your daughter LOL!! Beautiful pictures. I love it when I see pictures of just how life is in another area - the way people live and work and play. Those flamenco dresses were so colorful. I bet you will enjoy the performance.

  7. I am always surprised to see a logo from home in another country. I think Kentucky Fried Chicken is all over Central and South America.
    Great pictures!