Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Domingo Doings

Actually, the beginning of this will be Saturday doings...

Remember my favorite entrepreneur?  Yep!  He was on the street again yesterday...
 He was selling packages of tissues to passing cars...  but he takes the time to come over to the sidewalk to pose for me.  He's such a hoot!  I look forward to seeing the next costume!

As we were walking home from the supermercado a whole herd of motorcyclists roared down the street.
All Harley Davidsons!  Most were single riders (no passengers).  We see a lot of motorscooters, a some motorcycles, but these were the first Harleys we've seen here.
Wonder if they were on a weekend tour?   

Ah yes...  the sculls... or shells...  or whatever....
Look at the length of this one!
The girl at the far right is the navigator....  those guys are all facing the place they've been.  Makes me laugh a bit because we have a friend who would NEVER trust a woman at the helm!

 We had to shop at the Corte Ingles grocery yesterday and while we were there we went up a couple of floors to see what other departments this store had...
We don't have a dog but started looking at dog jackets.
Can you believe this doggy rain suit?  It has legs and a hood!  I didn't unzip that area at the back, but think it could have held some small items.  Obviously no one around here would put "clean-up" baggies in it...  you wouldn't believe the dog poop all over the sidewalks.  Bill jokes about walking through a mine field.

We haven't taken the train yet...
 It's on our "to do" list...  Doesn't it look sleek and fast?
We've had a bit of trouble finding the tourist information kiosks open...  we need a bus and a train schedule so we can do some day trips.

This arch is near the city hall...
 Legend has it that you will marry whomever you walk with through this archway.  Bill didn't tell me that until it was too late...  but then...  after all these years, I guess it was way too late anyway.

Those were Saturday photos...  today when we walked into the old part of Sevilla, we saw that a Marathon was in progress.
 The streets were closed to traffic and the sidewalks were crowded with spectators.  I don't know how many runners there were, but the highest number I saw on anyone's chest was 7,069.
WOW!  That's a LOT of runners!

This area was where the participants could grab a cup of water...
Looks like a massive clean-up job will be in order later today. 

There was entertainment...
 This band was set up along the course...

There were energy bars being handed out to the runners...
These were folks really were kept busy.
You can see some of the runners in the background.

I don't know the course of the marathon...  but with that many participants it must wind all around the city.

We watched for a while then headed home.
The sun is shining today...  it's obvious that the people here think (or know) that spring isn't too far off.
The Triana plaza was crowded with folks milling around...  just having a good time.

That's All for Today!


  1. We've had a lot of dogs, but not a single one that would tolerate being zipped into a rain suit like that!! I think they'd much rather just get wet...


  2. Acording to the license plate of one of the Harleys they were from Germany!
    You are having a great time in your city. Love the pics!

    1. I love it when y'all give me more information. I haven't gotten used to the license plates (countries) so had no idea they were from Germany. Now THAT'S more than weekend ride! And about those RVs... we see lots and lots of Fiats here.... it's fun trying to figure out the makes of automobiles... we see a few Fords, and Hondas, but most are makes that if we saw them in the States we'd look twice.

  3. Your favorite entrepreneur must sell a lot of tissues and crackers to afford all his costumes! what a character.

    haha ... walking under the arches, eh... well? why not. Be fun to get a bench and watch the people go through or around the arches... ha

  4. I'd be on that bus in a New York minute. Can't wait to hear about it.

  5. I didn't know that superman had red socks!

  6. Your neighborhood character looks like he's a hoot. Have you ever spoken to him? All those red Coca Cola cups and Harley Davidsons must make you feel like you're not all that far from home.

  7. Hi Sharon, I have been seeing your picture about everywhere I comment too and thoughy I need to meet you. I am Tammy and have a blog also. We will be starting our full time adventures in 34 days. April 1st.
    I have been blogging for awhile as we camp hosted last yr. in Hoosier National Forest, and a State Park here in Indiana. My husband retired July of 2012 from the Postal Service. He took vacation last year so we could do those 2 jobs. WE LOVED IT! And cannot wait to get back to it. Would like to invite you to my blog, at I look forward to reading more about you and your husband,

  8. Your pictures are awesome! I'm glad you are having fun and learning at the same time. I'll bet that entrepreuner loves getting his picture taken every day.

  9. Great photos of your adventures! Love the Superman suit.