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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Quilt Store and My Mom

First...  a couple of corrections.  Corte de Ingles is not the English Court.  Yeah, "corte" can mean court, but here it means "cut"...  like a tailor cuts cloth to make clothes...  and so the clothes are of a certain cut...  in this case, an English cut or style.  These darned dictionaries can get a person in trouble!

Also, I doubt if those folks rowing on the river are using punts...  that is a flat bottom boat used in England and the person in it uses a pole to maneuver the boat through the waters.  The boats here are very long, very sleek boats with as many as 4 people rowing them.  I have no idea what these boats are called, but I bet someone out there can help me.  (Cynthia...  what does Tess in the Laura Lippman mysteries have?)

Here are 2 crews of "boaters" doing whatever they do on the river....

Now..  on to the quilts....
 There is a shop in the old train station mall that sells quilting materials.  My mother, who was born in 1915, started quilting at a very young age.  Often she'd make up her own quilt patterns and designs.  She loved putting different colors together.  In her last days, she made me a quilt...  the last one she ever made.  I never actually used it, but had it at the bottom of my bed more as a decoration.  Bill & I were the victims of a robbery, and my beloved quilt was gone.  The police thought that the thieves used the quilt to toss the stuff they stole...  kind of using it as a huge knapsack.  I wasn't the avid photographer back then that I am now and never took a photo of it  Of course the quilt was never recovered.
I do have my mother's quilting frame...  it is stored in Ohio.  My Mom would be 98 years old this year so that quilting frame is probably 85 years old or so.  

More photos of the quilt  shop....  
I think the lower left is a version of Log Cabin.

Also in Ohio I have several of the old quilts my Mom made.  
I even have one that she gave to a cousin of mine at least 60 years ago...  and that cousin returned it to me after my Mom passed away.

I think it is an appliqued quilt...  Old Woman In A Shoe...
All the applique work has been done, but someone just tied yarn in a pattern (tufted?) to hold the back,batting and front together.
Maybe it's still a "work in progress"?

Most of the quilts I have of hers are ragged and threadbare...
but to me...
they are priceless.

That's All For Today!


  1. That is so sad about your quilt being stolen. I have a wonderful afghan that my Mom made me but I don't use it because of the dogs. They would just shred it with their nesting that they do.

  2. What a complete and total bummer about your Mother's quilt! rat bastards. My maternal Grandmother made quilts. She made each grandchild a quilt. I had mine until it just tore apart. loved that quilt. Those were special memories ... she would make quilts out of our outgrown clothes ~ it was beautiful to see how she would cut the clothes and arrange them. She was born in the 1800s ... wow Mother was born in 1910... she died when she was 96.5 years old. I'm 112 .. so that quilt ~ I remember her dyeing the backing ... haven't thought of that in eons.

    I remember her having the quilting frame she would pull down from the ceiling. Truly a lost art from what I've seen for sale these days at various festivals... not the same.

    I do know there are still authentic quilt makers ! not buying the already made backings and such. outrageous prices too. boo hiss on that ~ those quilts in your pictures are gorgeous!

  3. The quilts are beautiful. It's too bad your mother's quilt got stolen. So sad to lose something so sentimental and irreplaceable! I have several of my Grandmothers' quilts. LOVE them.

  4. Thanks for the punt explanation. No one in my family quilted, but I sure can appreciate the fine art.

  5. You mom's three years older than mine, also a quilter from age 12, who would have been 95 this month. My mom aspired to seeing the new century, but missed it by three years. We have all her surviving quilts. Some actually wore out. My sister gives talks called "My mother's quilts." Thanks for the lovely pictures and memories.

  6. Years ago, in a former life I was a member of a women's circle in my church. We were planning a fall bazaar and got together every week to work on a quilt. It was my one and only experience but because of that, I know a log cabin design quilt. Those look like variations of the pattern.

  7. All those white doves!! Beautiful!!
    Hated to read how you lost your Mother's last quilt!! My mom also quilts and we have several of hers. None of them are on the machine---- She hand stiches all the pieces together and also does the top quilting of the designs. It usually takes her 2-3 years to complete one quilt!! But they're priceless!

  8. Hey Sharon, we think those boats are called Skulls and they are skulling...this is a sport in the olympics. I always wanted to do that, it looks like fun. My mom's quilts were made from our old dresses and material from the flour sacks!!! Nothing fancy but functional.

  9. So sad about your Mom's quilt. We had quilts made my grandmother and great grandmother that were burned in a house fire....

    I love quilts. Helped my Kindergarten class make a Seasons quilt one year. They drew pictures on cloth and I sewed them all together....what a project!

  10. Interesting boats! They look like what in American English would be called "rowing shells," yet they are not being rowed, but instead paddled with double-ended kayak-style paddles. So I guess they are the four-person version of a tandem kayak. I've never seen that before (although I've kayaked and rowed shells).

  11. Thanks for the quilt photos! May bad things have happened to the guys who stole your quilt!!! The applique quilt you describe was probably a "tied" quilt. It's a quick and inexpensive way to stabilize a quilt--not sure I've ever seen an applique quilt that was tied.

  12. Oh, par don...yes scull...should have looked it up in the dictionary before I answered!!!