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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sabado Sights

Saturday!  No escula, no clases.......  I'm like a high school teenager relishing my free time!

Nothing really exciting to write about today so I'll show y'all some photos I've taken recently...

Of course we left our motorhome back in Texas, but we are always interested in the ones we see here.  We actually see very few, and what we do see are not nearly the huge rigs we see in the States.
We saw this pull-behind trailer parked on a city street recently.
I see that the antenna is raised so I'm assuming the folks are parked here for more than a quick tour of the bull ring (you can see it on the left in the background)

Here's a small Class C...
Again..  parked on the street.  I have no idea what make or model this is, but it looks like the perfect size for a tourist in Spain.

This one was parked in the Parque Maria Luisa..... 
 Again, no idea of make or model.

Occasionally we'll see a motorhome (usually Class C - that's like the ones above..  with an over-the-cab area... usually for sleeping) in traffic, but traffic here can be a nightmare... I sure wouldn't want to drive one (or anything, for that matter) through these streets.

The buildings here are so beautiful...
This is a view of the Cathedral, looking through one of the arches leading into the courtyard.  
Something special was going on last Sunday, the bells rang constantly, and the crowds of people were lined up around the block to enter the cathedral.  

We got kind of turned around on one of our walks and ended up at the Camera Obscura - atop the Torre de los Perdigones
The dark chamber is an instrument optic which enables a flat projection on an external image of the inner surface. Was one of the ancient devices that led to the development of photography .The photographic apparatus inherited the word current camera of old darkrooms. It consists of a closed box and a small hole through which enters a small amount of light projected on the opposite wall from the outside image. If endowed with photo paper becomes a camera pinhole . (translation may be a bit confusing)

We didn't go up into this tower, but maybe we will before we leave Sevilla.

I love looking at the tops of buildings...  like I'm looking at the best architecture at the top.
 I find myself taking lots of photos of the tops of buildings..
I can't even remember which church this is.
Bill & I have this joke...  it goes like this:
Sharon:  Meet me at that big church next to that little tienda at 3pm.
Bill:  Yeah, right...  which of the hundreds of churches are you talking about?

Seriously, there are churches EVERYWHERE!  When I walk a couple of blocks to San Jacinto for Sunday mass, I pass at least 3 other churches on my way.
I'm told that Spain isn't particularly religious...  so I don't know who attends these churches.

The other day we were walking along the river and saw this:
We've gone on lots of cruises, but never on a ship like this!
This one is a French company, taking tourists from Cadiz to Sevilla.
Looks like the capacity is around 200 guests.
There was nobody around and we're assuming that the ship docked here and a bus took the passengers on a tour of Sevilla.
Reminded me of my friends Jean & Barry, who take cruises of this kind in France and Germany.
Maybe Bill & I will think about this kind of travel one of these days.

We saw these clowns in the park the other day...
At first I thought Ronald McDonald had been cloned and turned loose.
As we watched, we saw that they were on a photo shoot for some event....
Kind of a fun thing to come across.

You can use a public bicycle here...  
You buy a card (like a credit card)... insert it in the little stand by the bike, and take the bike for as along as you like.  When you arrive at your destination, you find a bike rack like this, put the bike back.  The meter will "charge" you only for the time you use it.  We understand this is a very cheap way to travel about town...  haven't tried it yet, but probably will before we leave.

This isn't one of the rental bikes, but isn't it about the cutest thing you've seen?
I think that seat on the back is for the little girl's doll baby.  I see the helmet is fastened to the lock, so whoever rides this tiny bike is learning very good habits!

Just to show you that Spring may really be on its way...
We saw this lantana blooming along one of the city streets...

And...  don't know what this is, but it looks like it might be a viburnum...
Also in bloom...  and quite lovely.

I can't remember exactly where this is, but it looks a bit like Alice in Wonderland to me...
You know...  down the Rabbit Hole and into another world....

That's the fun of walking through these streets...
We never know when we turn a corner what might be waiting.

It's quite an adventure!

That's All For Today!


  1. I like the female Ronald McDonalds, I guess they are Ronie McDs or something like that.

  2. I love the colorful. Good shot of the church through the window.

  3. I almost that a nest above the bell of the church? Keep an eye on it!!!

  4. I'm going top have to visit Spain. You make it sound very interesting.

  5. I was thinking about if you had planned your trip differently, you could have worked around a repositioning cruise...back to the states.

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  7. Those Class C's are built on FIAT base. Had one like that right here at the Hot Springs this winter.

  8. The Hymer folks were at the Tampa RV show last month. They want to come to the US market, but they are still geared 220. We enjoyed chatting with them and the insides of the ones they had on display were beautiful. Marine-styled cabinetry with those lovely push button locks/knobs.