Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Did that title get your attention?

When we were in Sevilla, Spain we saw lots and lots of knockers.  Big ones, small one...  fancy and plain.  
 Some were on old beat-up doors...   some on beautiful wooden doors....
 Some had intricate iron rivets or stud fittings that were an artwork in themselves....
Many were shaped like hands....  some were simple rings...  some were quite elaborate.
We would often just stop walking and look at the doors and their hardware...
If you ever visit Sevilla, you really should check out the knockers...
There are all sizes, shapes, and designs.
And they are everywhere!

That's All For Today!


  1. Hey, that's cool!! I like that last one; makes me think of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.

  2. Wow, I actually guessed right, but I was hoping:)

  3. Wow, that's a pretty cool collection of "knockers" !!

  4. I thought about Rusty Warren when I read your title. Check her out if you don't know what I mean.

    It was an interesting blog tonight. Whichever way you took it. LOL

  5. I always preferred door knockers to doorbells. Enjoyed all of your posts from Spain. Being down here in South Padre, I really need a crash course in Spanish.

  6. I agree with Teri's comment that knocker sounds more appropriate than doorbell, especially as it appears there are no doorbells. This was a very interesting photo esay and I am sure you have even more photos of these interesting doors, Sharon.

  7. I saw interesting hardware in you photos these last two months. Thanks for assembling the collection.

  8. Rusty Warren's "party" records were so very naughty when I was in high school. It's pretty tame stuff by today's standards, however. Thanks for showing us your lovely knockers!

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