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Monday, April 1, 2013

Long Flight Ahead

This is our last day here in Sevilla, Spain.  After living here 2 months we've become kind of attached to our host family...

This is Rosa, our wonderful hostess.  She and her husband Carlo have operated this Bed & Breakfast for 3 years... leaving their former careers (he and engineer, she taught Portugese) to build and run this business.  It's much more than a "business" to them...  and they are perfectly suited to being great Ambassadors of Spain, great travel agents, wonderful chefs...  and most of all, such good friends.
 I didn't realize that Rosa had a wreath of greenery when I took the photo.  But, she is truly an angel, so I'm not surprised she'd have a halo around her head.

Carlo and their daughter, Sarah, are spending a few days at Carlo's mother's home in Italy.  So tomorrow, when we leave, it will be not a "goodbye", but, hopefully, a "See you again"  kind of farewell.

Rosa fixed a special lunch for us today...
 She told us this is fish.  I wasn't going to research it until we get back to the States, but curiosity got the better of me.
It's a plate of elvers, or baby eels... it was quite delicious!

After lunch Bill & I took one last walk down along the riverfront...
 We'd seen a mama duck earlier, and she had 6 ducklings with her then.  Today, in the very same spot, we saw this mama duck with these 10 little guys.  Look closely... hmmm.. what the heck is that little blondie doing with mama mallard?  And looking again, notice that the one just over mamas head is quite a bit lighter in color than the rest.  I know that mallards cross breed with domestic ducks, so don't know if all these ducklings belong to this hen or maybe she just adopted a few along the way.  Interesting, huh?

You know how we're always looking for different species of birds...
 This was a new "lifer" for us.
I don't know why we've not noticed it in the past, but today it just hit us in the eye!
And look at the 3 men riding on its back...  why, they must be having a ride of a lifetime!
The birds shape looks kind of like a Montezuma Oropendola...  wonder if that bird is native to Spain?
Like I'm always saying... look up, look down, look all around....  there's always something new to see out there.

Speaking of something new to see...
We saw this lion walking around on the river path...
I think this guy just got his summer "do".  His head is quite shaggy, as is the end of his tail.  I wonder if his name is "Leo"?

We had walked down the "normal" street, but turned down one of these little passageways to walk along the riverfront.  When we got home, I noticed when I downloaded my photos that Bill is headed for the Inquisicion.
I love these tiny hidden passages that lead to another street... or the river...  or...  who knows?  
They often lead us right into our next adventure!

Tuesday morning we fly out of Sevilla...  to Madrid, and then have a direct flight (yes!) from Madrid to DFW in Texas.
We'll be in good hands... look who our pilot is...
Yeah... that's my favorite entrepreneur!  
We wanted to say goodbye, and darned if he didn't have on an airline costume today!  Gave him a hug and wished him well.

We have 2 months mail to catch up on, taxes to have done, doctor appts, haircuts...  etc etc etc...
How quickly we'll get back into life in the USA again!

Thanks to all of you who have followed along on this adventure.  I've so much appreciated your comments, questions and thoughts.  And very much appreciated having you along!

We'll see what we can get into next!

That's All For Today!


  1. I, for one, would not have been able to take even one bite of that plate of eels. Egad! I'm a chicken that way...

  2. I might have envied your adventures in Spain, but I certainly don't envy you the long flight home!

  3. Hope you have a safe and uneventful flight.

  4. Sad to see you leaving the colorful Sevilla! What an adventure it was.

  5. Have a good trip home. I enjoyed the account of your adventure.
    As for the ducks. Every time a couple of duck families pass by a few little guys get mixed up and go with another mama. It really does happen. Just count these families every time they pass by. Different numbers most of the time.

  6. Safe travels!
    I'm looking forward to reading about your next adventure.

  7. You're an inspiration! Now, I want to pack up and travel the world too!

  8. Hard to believe this one is over and the next one starts. Safe home.

  9. Safe travels, Sharon and Bill...look forward to reading about more adventures stateside.

  10. This is just deeeelicious ... except for the plate of BABy EELS? man? when I saw the picture, I thought worms? holy moly...

    So glad you got to hug you favorite entrepreneur ... what fun and in a pilots costume! I so enjoyed your adventure in Seville!

  11. Nice post! Love that little yellow duckie mixed in with all the rest!!

  12. Sure glad Bill made it out of that alley without being put on the rack and tortured!

    Have a great flight home.

  13. Hope the trip home was a breeze. Now it's safe for us to go back to Sevilla!

    As for those baby eels, what you had was actually gula. It's pressed fish that is then dyed with streaks to look like the real thing. You can tell it's not real baby eels because there are no eyes. Real elvers are exorbitantly expensive, so someone in Japan came up with this substitute years ago. I think they taste great, but don't know why anyone would want to eat anything that looks and has the feel of worms!