Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, April 8, 2013

This 'n That in Texas

We've been back in Texas almost a week now...  I'm finally adjusting to the 7 hour time difference, but it seems to be taking a lot longer than usual.  

Seems like we hit the ground running...  I had a doctor appointment (routine), Bill took his concealed weapon test Saturday (that was a 10 hour class), we both took the test to be certified as gate guards.  Then there was the grocery store, the Wal-Mart stop, and 2nd trip to Ft Worth... this time to Trader Joe's and Barnes & Noble...  then church on Sunday...  it just seemed to go on and on.  I think a haircut is next on my agenda, feels like it's way overdue.

We drove some back roads today to run an errand for our daughter...  Bill spotted this strange looking calf...
 Doesn't he have the oddest color pattern on his head?
Looks like he has a mask on above his eyes.  
Hmmmm...  Phantom of the Opera?

And look at this odd bull we saw...
We're guessing that he is used by a cowboy to practice roping.
If you have any other ideas, let me know....

 And....  speaking of odd things to come across...
 How often do you see a camel grazing on  prickly pear and yucca?  And look at the critter in the background...  possibly an oryx or another African native...

Speaking of Africa .... our son in law, who often works in Nigeria, brought us back this...
Pretty good wine....  even if I can't pronounce the winery name.

Celeste has several bird feeders up around her house, but I hung one close to our rig when we returned.
Almost immediately the hummers came.  This little guy has claimed the feeder and keeps watch so he can dive bomb any other takers.  

The wildflowers are starting to bloom.  I haven't seen many blue bonnets yet, but...
 This coreopsis is making a valiant attempt to make its presence known.

Looking out the window of our rig, we often see deer.  Yesterday Bill counted 12 at one time.
 I know deer are as common as flies, but we've seen very little wildlife for the past 2 months, so we're happy getting a glimpse of anything.

I had planned to answer some questions from some of your comments, but for the life of me, I can't remember what the heck they were right now.

Oh well...  that will give me fodder for another day.
 The End....

That's All For Today!


  1. Those dang roping bulls will mount just about anything (grin).

  2. Sounds like you are getting back into a routine. I'm like you, it doesn't matter how many deer I've seen, I'm always excited to see more. But a camel in Texas eating yucca and prickly pear is way cool!

  3. You two make a home of home no matter where it is, and what species you encounter.

  4. I bet it feels good to be back on American soil. You're seeing quite a variety of wildlife! Keep the photos coming.

  5. Great pics - I have no suggestions at all about the 'roping calf'!!

  6. I like deer too, common though they may be. They are still magnificent animals and I get a thrill every time I see one.

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