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Monday, April 1, 2013

Last Day of Semana Santa... No Parades

I had all intentions of going to mass this morning.  Well, I did, in fact, GO to mass...  only the church was locked and nobody about.  Hmmmm...  Easter Sunday, isn't it?  I wandered over to another church (around this neighborhood you only have to walk a couple of blocks to find another church)...  locked up tighter than a drum.  But the sign on the door says that mass is at 10:00.  Great... its 9:45.  I can go to this church.

A few other people show up...  9:50.... 9:55...  10:00...  door's still locked.  10:10...  one of the women who is waiting walks down the nearby alley... comes back and says church will be at 1:30.

We all head back to wherever we go...  Now... Daylight Savings Time DID start at 2am this morning, maybe that was the problem.  And... I did hear folks walking home at 2am...  and again at 4am this morning...  last night of festivities you know.  Maybe THAT was the problem.  I don't know...  only know that I never did figure out the schedule nor did I make it to mass today.  

This is how deserted the street was at 10:00 this morning...
Or was it 9am? 

This is a typical shop window during Holy Week...
 Shows you a picture of the Virgin Mary, with some candles and fresh flowers...  along with some very expensive clothing you could wear on these dressy days.

I went back home...  still had 4 hours until lunch, so Bill & I headed out for a walk.
 This beautiful promenade along one of the main streets is bursting with wisteria in bloom.

We walked back up to Parque Maria Luisa... our time in Sevilla is quickly coming to an end and I can never get enough of the beautiful old pavilions, the landscaping, the fountains and...  just everything!
 I don't know which one, but this is one of the pavlions "left over" from the 1929 World's Fair.
Isn't there some saying about living in glass houses?  I can only say that I sure wouldn't want to have to wash the windows in this house!

Another entrance to the park...
 You can see how big this monument is by looking at the people on the sidewalk at the left.  

And another walk to the Parque means another stroll through the Plaza de Espana
 By now it was starting to drizzle...  not a whole lot of people around.

This canal surrounds the center plaza....  you can rent a boat and take your sweetie for a romantic ride.
The tile doesn't show up very well here, but it is a fantastic work of art... no matter which direction you look. 

And one last view...
 We're up on a balcony, looking over a 2nd story promenade.  It's interesting that the walkway is undulating...  I have no idea if this was built like this on purpose or if it "sunk" in places over the years.

And, of course...  another view of the labyrinth gardens of hedge, statues and fountains.
The redbud trees are still in bloom in the park.  These splashes of color brighten up even a rainy day. 

Oh yes...  I had to take a few photos of the swans..
They are so graceful...  it is a pleasure just looking at them.

Heading home we saw crowds of people in the street outside the bullring.
What's Happening?

Today is the opening of the bull fight season in Spain.
This poster has been all over town for about a month now.
It tells about the famous Toreador who will be the main attraction this season.  On the right of this poster are listed the prices of the tickets available.  Depending on whether you're on the sunny side or in the shade; in a box seat or a bleacher-type seat, or whether you're close up or in the nose-bleed section...  all different prices.  None cheap!
Those people in the photo above are at the entrance to the section where they have bought tickets to watch the event.  

Immediately across the street from the main entrance....
A group of Animal Rights protesters have set up a rally.
Bullfights were actually illegal in Spain...  but that was back in 1567 and after 30 years of protests, it became a national event again and has remained so ever since.

Another view of the protesters...
 I find this perspective somewhat interesting...  the bull ring in the background, the protesters in the middle, and a famous toreador, being honored forever in bronze in the background.

The drizzle changed to real rain...  and we headed home.
The same street as I started this blog...  the street we travel several times each day.  Not even close to be full of people like it has been all week.

Semana Santa is over... 
Monday is just another week... another day to go back to work, or school, or whatever a person does.

For me and Bill it will mean packing our luggage and trying to sort out weight allowances for the airline restrictions.
Monday will be our last day here in Sevilla.  We fly back to DFW in Texas on Tuesday.  After 2 months it seems like home.  We've been fortunate in that we were placed with a fantastic host family.  We've met a lot of great folks and seen a lot of wonderful sights.  And...  we even learned a little Spanish!

That's All For Today!


  1. Wow, and suddenly it's back home for you. That time seems to have flown.
    Your church story reminds me of when my wife thought she'd attend church in the Netherlands when we lived there. It turns out there wasn't a service every week, as there was shortage of priests.
    At least she would get out for a brief bike ride before turning right around and heading back home. Didn't help of course that her Dutch was a tad weak.

  2. Trip of a lifetime--and I've enjoyed every minute of it with you.

  3. Wow, it has been a really great vacation in a beautiful city. You have been a great travel guide! I hope returning to the "real world" won't be too much of a jolt for you. (I'm glad to see that at least some Spaniards aren't happy about the bullfights!)

  4. The Semana Santa celebration seems to be a fitting end to your sojourn in Seville. I've enjoyed the trip too!

  5. I believe it is safe to assume that Texas will be a better place when you two return.

  6. My, what a trip that has been for you! It's so beautiful there, and to have learned a little Spanish too! LOL

  7. What an adventure. Has it really been two months... I sure have enjoyed this.... wishing you a safe journey back to good ol DFW...

  8. I would say that this was the experience of a life time. Your pictures and descriptions have been much appreciated.

  9. What a wonderful time you've had! So happy for both of you!!
    Bullfights scare the bejesus out of me so I don't watch them anyway... but I can see both sides of the issue.
    I can almost smell that wisteria from here...
    Love you, Mom!

  10. Lets see, last year it was Costa Rica, this year Spain. Now that you have picked up some Spanish, where to next? France? Germany? We both enjoyed your visit to Spain and all the great pictures you took while you were there. You should package the blog for the last couple months and sell it to a travel magazine.

    What are your plans for the spring and summer in the U.S.? Maybe we will cross paths somewhere along the line and do so geocaching & lunch.

    Welcome back.

  11. Even with the rainy weather and deserted street scenes it was great to "see" the local sights today, Sharon. We wish you and Bill a safe trip back to the US and wondering what is next in travels for you, once you get caught up. And, nice to have met such wonderful folks that you can perhaps revisit one day. About those peeps, if I knew you liked them too would have gotten some extras!

  12. It's been a postcard perfect trip.

  13. What an incredible adventure you have had. I missed a lot of posts last week when the grand kids were here so I am going to have to catch up. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your beautiful photos of such a beautiful city. Hope you have an uneventful flight home.