Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week one.... weak internet

Week One Just Flew Past!

We've been here at this site one week.  The wells have all been fracked and most of the equipment has been removed.  Today the porta-potties and dumpster were hauled out so I'd guess this company is finished. 

I don't know what happens next...  or how long we'll be here, but I kind of like it that there's not much traffic.  I'm sure Bill likes the constant in and out of trucks...  that's right up his alley!  He knows exactly what every piece of equipment that comes and goes out is used for...  has used a lot of it himself when he did the drilling at Ohio University...  and he's on first name basis with a lot of the drivers already.

When we're busy and I take my turn at the gate I'm doing good to write down the company name correctly.....  and when I ask the purpose of their visit, I pretty much feel like .... well... duh... you're here because of the drilling.  Okay... so I'm a bit of a slacker...  there's all kinds of reasons...  everything from bringing in sand to taking out equipment; there are folks who monitor wells and folks who cater meals....  you name it.

I have left the area a few times.  I found a church about 5 miles away that has a Saturday night AND a Sunday mass...  I went to the Saturday night service as it's the one in Spanish.  Those 2 months in school in Spain are just the beginning of learning for me.  I have to laugh though... I can ask a question in Spanish, but heaven help me if they answer in Spanish.  I'm still at kindergarten level.

The new H.E.B. (grocery) store opened last week in Carrizo Springs.  That's less than 20 miles away so is a quick trip. 
How would you like to fill up this grocery cart?

And today I drove to a laundromat in C. Springs.  Also picked up a couple of geocaches.  I do have my priorities, you know.

My favorite bird here is the Scissor-tail Flycatcher.

He has really red plumage under his wings, but the only time I caught that the photo is really blurry.

The Curved-billed Thrasher eggs hatched yesterday, and the Golden-fronted woodpeckers eggs hatched today...  both nests are just a few yards from our rig.

I haven't been able to get a good photo of the Black-throated sparrow yet.  We have several different kinds of flycatchers here... sometimes they can be difficult to ID.  There are both ravens and crows....  also thecaracara flies overhead frequently.

When I was outside most of the night, I'd see a few nighthawks, as well as a whole spectrum of moths, insects and other "night fliers".  One of my favorite was the IO Moth.

He's only a couple inches wide with spread winds...  again... another blurry photo.

Internet still sucks...  don't know when/if I'll be able to send this as a blog.  I keep trying.... (written Monday this week...  at McDonalds in Carrizo Springs sending this on Wednesday)

That's All For Today!


  1. Now that's a very colorful moth! How easy/hard was it to adjust your sleep schedule?

  2. I'm enjoying following along on your journey. My spouse retires in June and we hope to hit the road eventually. Has it gotten hot yet in Texas?

  3. Love those moths ... those huge huge lunar moths are gorgeous... scissor tail flycatchers are so pretty in flight...

    Well? you ain't in Sevilla any longer f'sure... what a diverse life you lead m'dear....

  4. You must have an impressive life list of birds! Lucky you.

  5. You're in a great location! Are you guys doing a 24 hr gate? Just curious. Sounds like it is working out for you. Have fun! Great moth pics btw.

  6. That grocery cart struck my funny bone! I'd like to take it for a spin. That flycatcher is certainly a graceful looking bird. Russ and I are sure enjoying looking for birds - but haven't seen too many yet. I heard a woodpecker when I came out of the dentist's office yesterday but never could see him.

  7. Thanks for the update on your gate-keeping duties. I think I might like a job like that but I doubt if I'll ever actually do it.