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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Day at the Farmer's Market

I've been writing a lot about how cold it is here in Texas...  and it continues..... it was 15 degrees when I got up this morning.  From other blogs I'm reading, everyone is cold.  Well...  maybe some folks in Florida are warm enough...  but we just never expected Texas to be this cold.

As I've written many times in the past, I'm from Ohio.  It got cold and we had snow there, so it's not like I've never lived in weather like this before.  In fact, I hunted up this photo so I could prove that fact.

That's Bill on the left, and Art Gish on the right.  
Yes, they have set up their stalls at the Farmer's Market....  in the snow!  They were the only vendors there that day.
The Athens Farmer's Market runs year-round.  This picture was taken in the late 1980's....  the Market still runs year round, but I've heard that in December it now moves inside the nearby mall.
So what did we have to sell?  We still had fresh eggs every week, and I had a cannery license and made jellies and jams that we sold.  Come January we'd sell our maple syrup.  By October we no longer had goat cheese or flowers.  Art sold mostly root vegetables...  turnips, carrots, potatoes...  veggies that store well.  Often folks who sold apples would have their stall set up, but I guess the weather was too bad this day.

On the same page of that photo album, (which our daughter gave to us as a gift a few years ago) she had included these photos....
Bill....  at the market during the autumn months...  
I can almost smell that basket of basil..... ummmm.....

And in the spring...
Oh my...  this was about 25 years ago!
More flowers...  more basil...  looks like the cheese and pesto has been sold out.

Art died a few years ago in a terrible farm accident.  Bill & I stopped selling at the Farmer's Market in 1998.  The market still is going strong...  every Wednesday and Saturday.  It's a great place to shop for very good food.  But...  these days, nobody has their booth set up out in the snow!

That's All For Today...


  1. Its wonderful to look at our selves so many years ago.So many great memories.
    Keep yourself warm there in Texas, hope it warms up for you soon.

  2. What fun memories of all the hard work you did and the rewards you reaped. I sure am looking forward to the warmer weather later this week.

  3. It seems to me that you two are the same happy couple now that you were back then. Love never gets old. Sorry the nice Texas weather isn't holding up for you, but you guys are the ones from Ohio and I will just blame you fro bringing it down here. (grin).

  4. That last photo sure looks better than the first one. Great to see you and Bill are enjoying yourselves. Keep it up. We will be sending you some more cold weather later this week, as ours here in Oregon is expected to start clearing out.

  5. Well, Sharon, I've been in Texas for Christmas and my cousins got their Blue Norther, then the weather was lovely again, On behalf of Texas, this Ohioan apologizes to yawl.

  6. It takes some pretty devoted folks to sell at a farmer's market in the snow1

  7. I always enjoy seeing pictures of bloggers 'in their youth'. :)

  8. Me too Judy! A trip down memory is always fun...

  9. LOVE the pictures and I would have bought the goat cheese and pesto too... jeeez that sounds good .. slap some on a pizza... I"m thinking of a pizza I have in the freezer ... spinach and cheese... slather it with some tomatoes... guess I'd needing more C or is it A ...

    Sun shone here today got all the way up to 40 and now it's slipping back down ... the ice that melted will refreeze overnight ... melt again then freeze again ... goes on and on and on...

    25 years ago... I was 45 and my son was 3. I think I was even happily married then... a lot sure can happen in 25 years. sure can...

  10. Don't know how I missed this post! Maybe because I was at the dentist yesterday. Love the old photos!