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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fishermen and More.....

The water didn't come on this morning until nearly 7:30 or 8 am.  When we live in a third world country we expect electric and water failures...  or delays....  or inconveniences....  or whatever you want to call them.  It's just part of the package.....  annoying?  yes, but certainly doesn't ruin our day.  

I load the coffeepot the night before...  Bill & I aren't big coffee drinkers anyway, but somehow, being here in Costa Rica where some very fine coffee beans are grown, we quickly get used to our morning cup ....  even if it is de-caf.

By 9 am we were headed to town.  We thought we'd check out other rental companies, but, truth is, this is the "high" season and most places are booked.  And there's a lot to be said for the known rather than blundering in to something worse.  I still haven't gotten around to posting photos on this blog of our place, but it's really quite nice.  Some of the things we consider a "plus", others consider a negative.  We have no neighbors ..... no loud music...  no constant party.  We can sit outside at 6 am in our jammies and have a cup of coffee while watching whatever birds choose to entertain us.  The swimming pool, which can be seen outside our door, isn't filled.... actually, it's ugly.  But neither of us swim, neither of us are sun worshipers... the birds it attracts are more fun for us than a noisy, people-filled pool.  We manage okay, but it doesn't hurt to look around.

Okay...  on to our walk.  Really neat today....

We walked down to Coco and as usual, walked down to the beach before heading across that rickety bridge into town.  A fishing boat backed into the shallow water and guys started carrying these fish from the boat....
As I watched, the guys would carry them up on the beach to this truck that waited for them....
These big tanks on that flat-bed were being filled with these huge fish....  I'm assuming the truck will take them to market.
The guys would carry them... usually two at a time....  from the boat to the truck.

I thought at first maybe it was a boat who had taken tourists out for a morning fishing expedition...
No Way!
I don't know how these fish were caught, nor how long it took to catch them...  but these guys made many, many trips back and forth from the boat to the tanks....
I asked  someone what kind of fish they had caught...
He also told me that when alive the fish glisten with gold, yellow and green colors, but when they are dead, they just look kind of grey.
Kinda made me think of so many birds...  like hummingbirds...  who show magnificent colors when the light is right....  but, oh, so dull, otherwise.

It took quite a while to get that boat unloaded...  even with a half dozen men carrying them in 2 at a time.  

As I watched, several other boats were backing up to the beach to either unload their catch or to take on the supplies to go out again.  

We headed on into town....  this time I wanted to go past the church I'd seen before.  
All ready for Christmas Services....
I asked a couple of ladies in the church about Christmas Day, and they told me that Mass is at 6pm tomorrow evening.  I may get there but know I'd have to take a taxi home.  It's dark here by 7pm and it's too dangerous to walk on the road at that hour.

We've walked only about 4 miles today...  but you might remember that Bill broke his ankle less than 6 months ago....  he's doing okay, but the terrain is fairly rough and it's so easy to slip on little rocks and such, it's better to take it easy for now.  We had several bags of groceries (yeah... we eat well) so took a taxi home today.  

I've been getting great comments from you readers....  thanks so much for your interest...  I love it!

That's All For Today!


  1. Costa Rican lucky you are. I remember smelling and drinking a cup one time. My boss had brought some back from Costa Rica and I had never smelled or tasted any coffee quite as good as that. I've always tried to get more, but of course ordering online, you never know what you'll get. Enjoy it! I'm jealous!

    What a good day fishing they had. Mahi-Mahi (Dolphin) is one of the best tasting fish around and those sure would be nice and fresh. As a scuba diver, I've seen a lot of fish in their natural environment and always feel sad when I see them dead. They surely do lose their beautiful colors.

  2. Like what you consider 'pluses' about where you are. Kelly & I are the same......

  3. Sure do love interacting with the local people.

  4. That boat must have found a real school of those fish. The boat didn't look big enough for them all to fit in it.

  5. We also like what you consider pluses!! Quiet, no neighbors--when we stayed in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico is was so incredibly noisy--very loud parties, roosters by the dozens. I could put up with a little water problem if it was quiet!!

  6. I agree with your pluses though a functioning pool would have been fun. That was an amazing catch those fishermen had. Water on schedule is interesting. We take a lot of things for granted here in the states.
    Hope you have a wonderful Holidays.

  7. It looks like you'll probably be able to find some fresh (really fresh!) fish there if you want! It looks like a wonderful area.


  8. The dull, dead fish are a little sad - how much more lovely to see them with all their billiant colours. Good eating though! I wonder if you can buy fresh fish right at the beach?

    Your place sounds lovely - even with the empty pool. Having a bit of privacy is worth a lot!

    Merry Christmas -enjoy the sun!

  9. Will you go on excursions from there, where you are staying? I've seen Maui Maui fish in some markets, sold in plastic bags, in fillets, had never seen what the entire fish looks like. They are HUGE!

  10. Strong young men and big fish! And coffee beans.Things are looking good. Merry Christmas.

  11. I agree...watching birds is a lot more interesting than watching a pool filled with noisy people! We like to sit with a cup of coffee in the mornings and watch the birds outside our living room window.

    That's loading the fish the hard way!

  12. Those are some big fish those guys are bringing in. Thanks for sharing all the interesting photos. Merry Christmas to you and Bill. Enjoy.

  13. Merry Christmas Sharon and Bill.

    Those are some big looking fish.