Along the Natchez Trace

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just the Facts, Ma'am

(or Sir)

It's still cold but yesterday was above freezing so a lot of the ice melted.  Victor cleared the sidewalks around the house...  the last huge chunk of ice slid off the roof of our car.... it's not nearly so treacherous out there.

It's count down week for me and Bill. We're down to 4 days before we leave for Costa Rica.  This time we'll be gone 3 months...  but I don't think packing is much different whether you're gone 3 weeks or 3 months.  

I had my annual physical this week.  Routine...  all is well.  Last year I got a flu shot for the first time, and had no reaction, so decided to get one again this year.  It had been 10 years since my last tetanus shot and since I'm such a klutz and I don't know about medical facilities where we'll be, I got a booster.  So with a shot in each arm, they've been kind of sore.  Bill got a tetanus booster as well....  better to be safe than sorry.

My laptop got some serious viruses when we were in Baltimore in October.  I took it to Staples when we got back to Ohio.  They got rid of the virus and also McAfee (virus protection) and put a different virus protection program on.  Since then we left Ohio and are in Texas.  I kept getting messages from McAfee that I needed to install updates.  Hmmm...  this doesn't seem right.  Yesterday we went to Staples in Granbury with computer in hand.  Guess what?  The virus program I paid for had never been installed.  I had to leave my laptop but should be able to pick it up today.  Good thing we did this before the weekend as we're leaving Monday.  I'm using my "backup" laptop today...  it's come in handy more than once!

I've been a pill counter lately...  usually I have no problem getting a "vacation" prescription refilled, but since I had no refills left on any of my 3 prescriptions, and my doctor appointment wasn't until this past week, I meticulously counted out 15 weeks of meds to make sure I wouldn't run out.  I hate taking any medication, but I love the quality of life that they give me... sooooooo.....  a person does what a person has to do.....

We've lived in Costa Rica before and while it is considered a Third World Country, it's pretty high up there on the amenities list...  we've been to shopping malls that would rival any in the USA...  even those with upscale stores.  But we're not going to the San Jose area this time and not sure what will be available along the coastal area.  I don't have to take 3 months worth of things like shampoo or toothpaste...  just enough to get us by until we get oriented.  

However, if this area is like before, while a huge variety of foods is available, seasonings and spices may not be.  I have my bottles of  "Mrs Dash Extra Spicy Southwest Seasoning"...  and my packets of Goya seasonings for fish.  Black beans and rice are the staples...  and that's fine...  but we like a little "pizzaz" added.

It's the electronic gadgets that we use everyday that would be hard to replace there.  Our Kindles... both Bill & I have one; my cameras ... yes, I'll take 2; or laptops; binoculars; GPS.... of course I hope to do some geocaching; and all the extra batteries, chargers; cables and accessories.

Things like reading glasses, sunglasses, batteries for my hearing aids.....  just stuff you use every day without giving it a thought.

I haven't even begun packing yet...  I'll take the luggage over to our daughter's house and pack there...  I usually have to rearrange things a couple of times to distribute the weight evenly.  We still have a few days left...  guess I'll check my list and get busy.

That's All For Today!


  1. WOW...what fun...the going some place fun. Even in our MH, I am always excited when its time to go! I cant imagine a trip like you are taking. I know I sure enjoyed your trip to Spain so I cant wait!

    Its a satisfying feeling knowing you are good to go for another year!

  2. You'll be very busy! Enjoy your trip and hope to see some photos!

  3. You and Bill have an exciting life. As far as I know, we are only here once and only for a little while, so live life with gusto!!

  4. The weather will turn nice just o tome for you to leave but by then it won't matter to you.
    Good luck with your computer

  5. I'll be waiting to learn about Costa Rica.

  6. Good luck with the packing and Happy Travels!

  7. It sounds like a busy and exciting week. One thing that I loved about Costa RIca (and there are many) is that the flight there is pretty quick, so your travel day isn't too bad. But it sounds like you'll be carrying a bit more than we did for out one week trips!!!

    Looking forward to all of your great pictures and descriptions.


  8. It seems like a complicated vacation, but you also seem to have it down to a science. Happy packing.

  9. I can sense your excitement - I bet you will have a wonderful time. I agree with you on the medications. I hate to take them but the three I take on a regular basis sure make a difference in quality of life.

  10. Three months, eh? Pretty neat. I'll be hanging off every word. Well, quite a few of them anyway.
    I gave up on McAfee years ago. Same with Norton. The viruses were always ahead of those guys. We've had Kaspersky for the last five years or so and have been really pleased. Never a peep in the virus department, and if there is something threatening, it lets me know but blocks it.
    Good luck.

  11. So exciting, Sharon... I'm vicariously packing for you ... I'm taking nothing ... well, as you .. the electronics but that would be my laptop and iPhone...

    THREE MONTHS??! oh, man... well? if I were tacky and covetous? I'd say you ought to have a feather up your ass and I'd be going to Costa Rica for three months... but since I'm not tacky or covetous ...

    I can hardly wait to read about your adventures... sigh... as I'm sitting here in my recliner in my robe .. having to get out tomorrow in cold wet rainy icy weather to these cats some food! rats

  12. I promise you will have a wonderful time all the day. Have a safe and sweet journey!!

  13. Wishing you plenty of warmth and sunshine for the next three months!