Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, December 30, 2013

Quiet Sunday

We headed into town around 8:30 this morning...  it was kind of overcast...  I think the first clouds we've seen in the 2 weeks we've been here.  I wanted to go to 10:00 mass at the church that is right downtown and while it takes maybe 45 minutes maximum to walk we like to wander along the beach when we go to town.

About transportation here...  we walk because we like walking.  We could rent bicycles...  or even a motorscooter...  or a golf cart.  We could even rent a car.  And taxis are always available and quite cheap.  Once you get into town, you can take a bus to Liberia or Filadelfia....
Filadefia is a city a few miles southeast of us....  
We aren't stranded....  but we'll be here for 3 months and we're still exploring everything around us.

We got to the Playa del Coco at 9 am...  it was already busy...
There was a huge gathering along the back side of the park...  bus loads of people.

And it was obvious that some of them had spent the night...
There are areas set aside for camping, and with the New Year Holiday coming up, I expect we'll see more of this throughout the week.

This guy was just ignoring all the kids playing in the water....
Wonder how his luck was?

We saw this man with his little girl walking along one of the sidewalks...
Kind of an interesting hat...  hmmmm?

A little closer inspection showed this....
Not sure if he wanted to keep the sun off his head or just didn't want to carry his kid's clothes...
Pretty clever, huh?

With so many dogs running around that don't seem to have owners, I wonder how effective this sign is?
"Clean Up After Your Dog"
or...  more bluntly said...  "Clean up the poop of your dog".

I had written before that there aren't "nice" shells on this beach, but lots of broken shells, a lot of rocks and pieces of coral.  Bill's sister, Alberta, was curious about the coral....
Since I'm from a state that isn't even close to an ocean...  and I never saw an ocean until I saw the Atlantic when I was 15, I may be very wrong about thinking these are old, water-washed pieces of coral.  I hope someone out there will help me out here.

After mass, I met up with Bill and we headed home.  Y'all know how I've griped complained written about the walk up the hill to our condo... well, a kind-hearted person stopped along the road as we were walking home and offered us a ride.  Guess what?  We thanked them but turned them down.  How else will I get in shape if I don't walk it every day?

And...  just because I haven't posted one of these for a while....
The End
(I could have labeled this differently and it would have been very appropriate...  but crude)

That's All For Today!


  1. I like his hat! You guys have the right attitude when living in a foreign country!

  2. It looks like old dead coral to me too. If it's hard that is. If it's soft, it is probably some kind of sponge.

  3. I thought you were going to tell us that your end picture was the ride that was offered to you. :)

  4. Its is so much fun to explore new places. We are enjoying tagging along with you.

  5. Maybe that guy's head gear will be the new style?? Love to travel along with you on your blog. Thanks for allowing us to do so.

  6. I am guessing he did not want to carry the kids clothes:)

  7. love the hat ... and hahaa Judy ...

  8. Admire you for turning down the ride. Your heart will thank you, eventually. I am enjoying your reporting on an area I once thought seriously about moving to.

  9. Living with the locals will give you a much better idea of how the people actually live here.

  10. Great you walked the hill...
    I love how you walk to town and mix and mingle with the community. You are sure giving us a true picture of the people and place.