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Friday, December 27, 2013

Shave and a Haircut.... 40 bits...

It's no doubt been along time since any of you got a haircut (let alone a shave) for 25c.

It's hot here, and Bill's been needing his hair trimmed and definitely needed his beard cut back.
When we walk to town we pass this sign...
In case you don't speak Spanish..  this says:
Haircuts for Men.......  c2500 colones
There's even an arrow at the bottom that tells you to turn up that dirt road.  Today we turned and found the barbershop.

"Abierto"...  Open....  okay, we're in the right place and they are open for business....
Nope, no candy-striped barber poles here...  but we're fairly certain we're at the right place.

We went through the gate...  (you can see the flag at the entrance)..
  "Hola?"  we said...  and return...  "Hola!"
And a young man came down to greet us.  Bill told him he needed a haircut and his beard trimmed.  The barber sat Bill down in the (only) barber chair...
And put a cape around him to keep those annoying hairs away from his shirt.
If this looks like someone's basement....  and looks like the Department of Health might close it down at any minute, you are right....  but only if you were in the States.  Third World countries don't count in our book.
The barber cleared off a place on a much-used couch and I sat down and watched.  I did play with the barber's puppy...  he said she was a boxer...  but I have my doubts.  I didn't take a photo of her...  wish I had...  her tooth snagged on my hand and drew blood.....  dawg!  (hey.... a pun here).....  she did okay until she peed on the floor, got too rowdy and then fell asleep.

But...  back to the haircut...
Bills been getting his beard trimmed for over 30 years now...  he knows exactly what size blade to put on the clippers....  and has no problem speaking the correct Spanish to convey this.  
This guy was good....  and so meticulous!  I kept watching as Bill's hair and beard started shaping up.  Looks good....  I don't see anything out of the ordinary...

Oh My God!
This guy has lathered Bill's neck and is using a STRAIGHT RAZOR!
Real close to his jugular vein....  real close to the vital stuff that keeps us all going!!!!!
I say a little prayer that the razor is sharp....  then amend that prayer...  I pray that the barber knows what the heck he's doing.  I quit playing with the dog....  I watch real close....  I want my sweetie, the love of my life..  to walk out of here without fatal injuries!!!!

He not only survived...  he's looking darned good!
He paid his 2500 colons..... about $5.00 American....  and off we headed to town.

I love living here....  it's just a new adventure every day!

That's All For Today!


  1. Always fun checking out new places in another country, and do love the prices as well.

  2. That's a sweet bargain! Now hubby looks so distinguished! :c)

  3. Are you enjoying using your Spanish?

  4. Great haircut and shave - and no blood spilled!!

  5. No blood - always a good thing when you're getting trimmed up.

  6. Great story, foreign travel is all about experiencing life in other cultures and even something as simple as a haircut can make for a memorable experience!

  7. After I turned 65, I quit trimming my beard and getting my hair cut. I believe thay got as long as they are going to get. Either stopped growing or slowed waaaay doooown. Bill looks real good. Keep on enjoying your trip.

  8. When I had enough hair to go to a regular barber (so very long ago) I could never get comfortable when they used a straight razor to shave my neck. It just seemed so dangerous. Teri cuts my hair now which I much prefer!

    It looks like he did a great job on Bill.

  9.  "…her tooth snagged on my hand and drew blood. ! .

    what an experience! I guess you all got your shots … and how handsome he looks! … I remember those straight razors ~ my Dad used one.

    You find adventure even with a haircut and shave! love it

  10. We lived in Nicaragua for two years and had our share of adventures. Now that I'm older, I'm not quite the dare-devil I was in my youth. We're going to Central America in a few months, but this time on a cruise ship. It won't be much of an adventure, but it should be relaxing and warm.