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Monday, August 3, 2015

Another Catch-up Post...

August!  Only 1 month left here this summer.  It's gone by way too fast....  Sometimes I forget how long it's been since my last blog...  or even worse... forget to answer questions.  Not sure whether that's because time flies by... or I'm getting senile.  Whatever....

About that clam chowder/lobster roll lunch I had in Bar Harbor.  The cost was $19.99.  Not bad for a tourist town AND a very substantial lobster roll.  The clam chowder was just a cup, but with the fries and sandwich, it was quite enough.  Bill had a seafood pot pie which came with fries and cole slaw...  I think it was also $19.99.  Neither of us had a drink, except water...  so for $40.00 + an $8 tip we had a better than average lunch for an expensive tourist town.  We don't often eat out so a splurge occasionally is a treat.

We've been having thunderstorms some afternoons..
The cloud formations are fantastic....

Billowing cumulus clouds....  tinted with pinks and blues.  Sometimes I think Maine should be like Montana, and be called the Big Sky!

If we have a late afternoon shower, sometimes we even get a rainbow.
This one started out being a double rainbow, but by the time I got my camera the top bow was nearly gone.  Looks like the pot of gold should be right at my bird feeders...  no such luck....

And... speaking of the sky...  About that Blue Moon...
I took this about 5am on August 1...  but it's still the same moon....  looking tiny in the sky.  You can barely see the reflection in the lake.  Such a quiet, still morning.

After my morning bonaza of seeing 6 moose and 2 bear it seemed everything just disappeared off the face of the earth (or at least the refuge).  Finally, yesterday while in the photo blind I looked across the lake and saw...
A White-tail doe....  standing knee-deep at the edge of the lake.
I had never seen a deer browsing in the water like a moose.  She did this quite a while, providing me with several decent shots of her beauty.

Except for that lone moose calf I saw early in June, I haven't seen any other moose babies this year.  Finally, on my game camera...
That's Mama Moose, walking in front of the camera a few minutes after 8:00 am.

And... the next shot...
Yes!  A moose calf!
I was really happy to see this as I was beginning to wonder if there were any moose calves around at all this year.

We had visitors yesterday.  Jeff and Sandy, who are volunteering at Moosehorn NWR this summer, drove up to visit us.  Bill took them on a tour of the refuge while I was working the Visitor Center, but when I closed at 3pm, we all sat around for an hour or so at our motorhome talking about our lives and our volunteering experiences.  It is so much fun to meet others who share our interests...  we hope to meet up with Jeff and Sandy again.

Well, it's Monday morning....  I've already put 2 coats of yellow paint on the bollards at the north end of the maintenance shop.  Took a break before I put the 3rd coat on, but now it's time to get back to work.

The End!

That's All For Today!


  1. Well. I guess what I paid for lunch in Port Orford wasn't so bad after all, but $4 for a tiny little cup of clam chowder seemed high to me. Couldn't find a clam in it either. :(

  2. Not bad for Bar Harbor prices.
    Love the END pic.

  3. And of course I love your "the end" photo.

  4. I see far too many white tail deer here, but I cannot recall too many instances of seeing the tail up. Guess it was a happy deer.

  5. When you showed the Blue Moon, at 5:00 a.m. August 1, that's near when I noticed the same moon (of course) when I was driving to the coast clinic with three cats, the same early morning. Makes the world smaller, to think about seeing the moon as someone else near the same time on the same morning even though thousands of miles apart.

  6. Love those big towering clouds. We seem to be in dry places most of the time, so have come to really enjoy rain and thunderstorms. When we had our place in Texas the Whitetail Deer would wade into the pond to eat the lily pads. Must have been hungry!!